Even the most passionate of eco-warriors must find it hard to get by without a cell phone. Thankfully, with more eco-friendly models appearing on the market there are options for those who shop with a conscience. Building on the success of last year’s Reclaim model Samsung has managed to form its forthcoming Restore cell phone out of 84 percent recyclable materials. Launching in the summer this device will be available only from Sprint (priced from US$49.99). Read More
It's one thing to build a 4G network, but it's another thing entirely to offer a drool-worthy 4G handset that can make the most of it - and Sprint has delivered a real doozy with the HTC EVO 4G. Read More
After months of speculation from the blogosphere, Sprint has confirmed the June 6 release of the Palm Pre handset we got all hot and bothered about back in February. Read More
February 21, 2005 It's a sign of the times that most of the mobile phone companies and major Telcos has a presence at the Photo Marketing Association Annual Convention and Trade Show that began yesterday in Orlando, Florida. Clearly the two industries are fast converging and that was the theme of the joint Sprint and Sanyo announcement of the Sprint PCS Vision(SM) Multimedia Phone MM-5600. The MM-5600 allows customers to listen to stereo-quality music; take1.3-megapixel photos and view the latest video content from nationally recognized brands in the news and entertainment industry at up to 15 frames per second with the built-in media player. Read More
Friday July 25, 2003: Network provider Sprint has announced the availability of the SH-G1000 handheld in the US where it will operate over the wireless PCS Network. Introduced at the International CES in January, the "converged device" from Hitachi combines Pocket PC functionality with a rotating camera, built-in QWERTY keyboard and wireless phone. Read More