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Aeros completes construction of Aeroscraft demonstrator

By - January 3, 2013 3 Pictures
California-based Aeros Corporation has completed construction of its Aeroscraft airship proof-of-design sub-scale prototype. The 79-meter (260-ft) long aircraft will demonstrate the vertical take-off and landing and point to point delivery capabilities of the platform, paving the way for a planned full-scale craft that will be almost twice as long and carry payloads of up to 66 tons. Read More
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Interview: Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak

By - December 12, 2012 7 Pictures
The Aeroscraft airship, with its minimal fuel consumption, vertical take-off and landing capabilities and point-to-point delivery is promising to revolutionize aviation. This radical new vehicle platform created by the Aeros Corporation in California is now entering its final stages of development and in this interview the company's founder and CEO, Igor Pasternak, talks to Gizmag about how different the Aeroscraft will be from anything else we have seen before. Read More
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Aeroscraft dirigible airship prototype approaches completion

By - December 4, 2012 9 Pictures
The dirigible airship, the oddball aircraft of another era, is making a comeback. California-based Aeros Corporation has created a prototype of its new breed of variable buoyancy aircraft and expects the vehicle to be finished before the end of 2012. With its new cargo handling technology, minimum fuel consumption, vertical take-off and landing features and point to point delivery, the Aeroscraft platform promises to revolutionize airship technology. Read More
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Aeroscraft ML866 technology demonstrator enters final assembly phase

By - May 26, 2008 4 Pictures
It's a radical new form of air transport platform first proposed by Aeros founder Igor Pasternak back in 2005, and Gizmag has been following the development of the Aeroscraft ML866 "superyacht for the sky" with great interest as it makes the transition from drawing board concept to commercial reality. In the latest news from the ongoing development program which officially got underway in 2007, Aeros has announced the beginning of the final assembly of the Aeros 40D Sky Dragon airship technology demonstrator which will be used to flight-qualify the key enabling technologies on which the ML866 will be based. As an airborne test bed, it is envisioned that the Aeros 40D will provide both risk and cost reduction, as well as time savings for the program. Read More
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DARPA provides funding for Aeros' ballast-free airship weight control system

By - November 2, 2007 3 Pictures
November 3, 2007 An integral part of the exciting ML866 "superyacht for the sky", Aeros’ Control of Static Heaviness (COSH) system allows airships to adjust their weight in mid-flight without the use of a traditional ballast material. After successful initial tests of the controversial system, Aeros has been awarded funding by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for further demonstrations. Under the program, Aeros will carry out the conceptual design, technology development, hardware development and bench demonstration, finalizing with the flight demonstration of the system on the FAA type certified Aeros 40D non-rigid airship. Read More
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Aeroscraft ML866: superyacht for the sky officially launched

By - October 8, 2007 16 Pictures
It’s as big as a superyacht and not quite as fast as a supercar, but it does have a range of over 3000 miles and can do it over land, sea or snow, lingering anywhere you like the view. A new category of aircraft that fits somewhere in between a blimp, airship or dirigible, the Aeroscraft ML866 project was recently presented at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) show in Atlanta, Georgia. The key factor of the ML866 design is that it offers superyacht size and comfort in a platform that can operate independently from airports, meaning that a new class of luxury conveyance is about to become available which appears to trump them all. Read More
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Aeroscraft ML866: the ultimate corporate aircraft

By - August 7, 2007 3 Pictures
The trend towards radical new aircraft designs aimed at achieving new levels of efficiency and operational capability beyond anything currently gracing our skies is on the rise. Recently Gizmag examined Boeing’s Blended-Wing Body (BWB) and now Aeros have announced the new Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft which utilizes a combination of buoyant and dynamic lift to create usage possibilities that far outstrip currently available aircraft platforms. The ML866 can be utilized as a private air yacht, corporate air vehicle, business office in the sky, or commercial commuter, providing its passengers with far more space than any existing business jet. Read More
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Aeros to develop peacetime Walrus that will will do to the cargo industry what Internet did for information exchange

By - November 5, 2006 4 Pictures
November 6, 2006 The DARPA Walrus program, one of the most ambitious projects ever scoped, may have been officially wound up due to budgetary constraints, but in achieving the program objectives, chief contractor Aeros Aeronautical Systems believes that the technological concepts successfully demonstrated by the program provides a basis of confidence on which to launch a new commercial effort to build a full scale demonstration vehicle. Aeros President Igor Pasternak believes that "Aeroscraft will do to the cargo industry what Internet did for information exchange. With continuous development of this technology we move a step closer to the next breakthrough in aerospace innovation." The Walrus is a massive blimp that can transport 500 military units in their entirety but could equally offer myriad peacetime solutions, opening land-locked countries to trade, enabling heavy construction materials to be delivered into urban centres with minimum disruption and facilitating a more robust and agile air transportation network. Indeed, business logistics could be completely rethought because many physical transportation limits would no longer apply once a fleet of commercial Walruses (Aeroscraft) became available. The Aeroscraft does not require an airstrip and can land on water or on open ground. Read More

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