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zoomIt gives access to SD card content on an iPhone


February 8, 2010

The zoomIt dongle connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch via the dock connector

The zoomIt dongle connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch via the dock connector

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The zoomIt is an SD card reader for an iPhone or iPod Touch that, in conjunction with the zoomIt app, lets users access all iPhone OS 3.0 file types contained on an SD card including photos, music, video and miscellaneous files such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF files. It also lets users copy files stored on the iPhone or iPod Touch to an SD card without needing to connect to a camera, Mac or PC.

The zoomIt dongle attaches to the dock connector and lets users browse or copy files to or from an SD card using the free zoomIt app, which also allows users to share files via email, Facebook and Flickr. The makers of the zoomIt, ZoomMediaPlus, are also planning on future updates to support protected content types, which would enable it to stream licensed music and videos.

The zoomIt should prove attractive for those wanting to give their device a quick bump in storage space, or looking to backup some happy snaps from a camera’s SD card without the hassle of lugging around a laptop.

The zoomIt is available for pre-order now for shipping in April 2010. Upon release the zoomIt is priced at US$59.95.

Via ubergizmo and gizmodo.

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Mirabile dictu ! a gadget that helps an iphone to catch up with a facility that most other phones have had for many years, what will they think of next ? multi-tasking would be good, even clunky old WM had that years ago! how about a miniature SIM in a format that nobody else uses?

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