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ZN9 Dual Alarm Clock Radio


July 21, 2008

iHome's ZN9 Dual Alarm, Stereo Clock Radio

iHome's ZN9 Dual Alarm, Stereo Clock Radio

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July 21, 2008 With all the third party devices released for the all conquering iPod it can be easy to forget that there are actually other digital media players on the market. Like Logitech’s iPod Pure-Fi Dream and Altec Lansing’s iM600, the new ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock Radio from iHome turns a digital music player, this time Microsoft's Zune, into a clock radio so you can wake to the sounds of your music library.

The ZN9 Dual Alarm, Stereo Clock Radio is the first-ever clock radio for the Zune. It lets owners gradually wake or drift off to the music they have stored on their Zune, or via the radio or buzzer. A 7-5-2 feature allows for separate weekday and weekend alarm times, and a large, backlit LCD display with dimmer is easy on tired eyes. The stereo drivers in specially designed Reson8 speaker chambers are designed to deliver sound with depth and clarity from the unit that measures 10.2" W x 3.1" H x 6.4" D. Two "AA" batteries provide backup power to ensure you’re up for work in the event of a power outage.

The ZN9 Dual Alarm, Stereo Clock Radio is currently available for the suggested retail price of US$99.99 through iHome.

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