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Zero Motorcycles to hit the road in 2010 TTXGP


December 3, 2009

Zero Motorcycles to hit the road in 2010 TTXGP

Zero Motorcycles to hit the road in 2010 TTXGP

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The running of the first ever clean emissions Grand Prix at the Isle of Man in June made 2009 a landmark year in the history of two-wheeled motorsport. Next year is shaping up to be even bigger. A series of races will be run throughout 2010 beginning with TXGP North America Championship at Infineon in Sonoma, California in May. The latest competitor to throw its hat into the ring is US-based Zero Motorcycles, which will make its road racing debut on home turf with a bike that's expected to be based on the Zero S model.

"It is good news that a company of such standing as Zero is committing to TTXGP 2010, said Jeremy Burne, TTXGP North America Director. "This announcement follows on from last week when Italian manufacturer CRP Racing went public with the news that they will be building a bike, the eCRP1.0, for the TTXGP 2010 series. This kind of initiative on both sides of the Atlantic really positions TTXGP as a truly global player."

Zero tasted success on the dirt in Europe recently with the company's MX model winning the Electric Motorcycle Challenge organized by the French Federation of Motorcycles. Zero finished third overall in points for the series and along the way showed the potential of electric drivetrains by beating some 450cc gas-powered motorcycles. Zero also organized the first all-electric 24-hour endurance motocross race back in April - results of that race can be found here.

According to Zero Motorcycles CEO Gene Banman, the company has identified a series of strategic partners for its tilt at the TTXGP and will announce further details shortly. 

The 2010 TTXGP series will also include three events in the UK (Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire on 3-4 July, Snetterton, Norfolk on 17-18 July and Castle Combe, Wiltshire on 11 September), plus another Isle of Man event in June 2010. A grand final for leading teams will be held in November at an as yet unnamed venue.

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With Neil Saiki\'s aeronautical back ground I bet the race fairing will be a new inovation as well. Things like aero rear wheels to prevent spoke thrash and a better ergonomic and aerodynamic riding position and sharkskin textured leathers for their rider.

George Wilson

I\'m really excited about this. We had a team in the 24-hour Electricross race in San Jose last April, we\'ll remember that day (and night) forever. That event was all Zero X dirt bikes - seeing something like the Zero S racing for the first time will be awesome, we\'re really looking forward to the UK races now. In the meantime, if you\'re in the UK you can visit us and test ride a Zero MX, which is always thrilling, literally hair-raising but strangely quiet.

Tim 50cycles Electric Bikes
This is a great thing. Best in tight courses where action can replace noise and highlight EV eff. I\'d rather see enclosed aerodynamic cabins which would greatly increase range, top speeds and look cool. be safer. jerryd

aerodynamic cabins ???,,,,,,,,,,, try formula 1 or yacht racing,,,,,,,,,,

rob yates
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