ZAGG's wafer-thin iPad keyboard with color-changing backlight


August 31, 2012

ZAGG has revealed two keyboards for the iPad at IFA 2012, including one with a backlight that changes up to 8 different colors

ZAGG has revealed two keyboards for the iPad at IFA 2012, including one with a backlight that changes up to 8 different colors

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Last time we heard fom ZAGG, the company had partnered with Logitech to distribute a case for the iPad 2 that functioned as a keyboard. This time, ZAGG is branching out on its own and has revealed its latest, much thinner keyboard cases, the ZAGGkeys PRO and ZAGGkeys PRO Plus, one of which provides a color-changing backlight.

Both keyboards attach magnetically to the iPad to hold it in place while also keeping the screen protected from surface damage. The two keyboards also connect via Bluetooth and are designed with specific iOS functions in mind, including keys for Home, media playback, volume, etc.

The most noticeable difference between the two is the PRO Plus keyboard's built-in backlight for typing in low light that can be customized in up to 8 colors, which does unfortunately impact its battery life. ZAGG told us the non-backlit version's integrated battery can last for four to six months on one charge, while the backlit keyboard runs for only a few weeks if left on for a full working day.

ZAGG plans to release both keyboards with available layouts in US English, French, and German through its website and select retailers. The ZAGGKeys PRO will cost US$99 and the PRO Plus will run US$129 when they are released at the end of September.

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I want one of these. Never mind the battery-gulping color changing, I just want keys that fit my fingers!

Bliss Cochran

Yesterday I had the possibility to get a little view on this keyboard. And I am impressed too by this design. The clip-on-possibility for the iPad and the keyboards backlight are very interesting features. But two things stands against it: - keys for regulating the iPads brightness and - the high price tag.

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