Read your kids a bedtime story without being there


November 15, 2010

In Your Own Voice Storyteller

In Your Own Voice Storyteller

The In Your Own Voice Storyteller lets children enjoy a bedtime story with a familiar family voice – even if there's no familiar family member around. A parent, older sibling or grandparent records passages of a book onto a child friendly pen programmed with specifically coded stickers that can be attached to the relevant pages of a story book. All a child needs to do is place the pen over the sticker on the book’s page and the recording will play.

Each of the 600 stickers are individually encoded with a series of dots (similar to a bar code) which can be programmed to the recording pen and then stored on the pen’s in-built memory.

The set also includes 40 stickers with different pre-programmed sound effects like a cat meowing or a phone ringing.

It is a great idea for single parents or for periods when parents are away. Whilst nothing can really replace a real life bedtime story with crazy voices from dad, this product is a great idea to encourage early reading skills and to keep children feeling at ease and entertained.

Available from Hammachler Schlemmer for US$79.95, In Your Own Voice Storyteller requires two AAA batteries and is suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Via Red Ferret.

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So, it \"borrows\" the technology of the Leapfrog Tag pen, but lets you record your own and costs a bit more than the Tag pen - I guess because you\'re not going to buy books?

Jamie Nichols

so parenting will be even more \'remote control\'. Have we not learn\'t enough from existing problem generations, mostly created by lack of personal hands on parentage.

guru crazy

Excellent! Another way for parents to avoid actually having to spend time with their children....


I dunno... The thing about bed time stories IS the relationship and the interaction between the two people.

I mean YOU the adult can\'t make it for 10 minutes a day, almost every day to do things like this for your own kids, and you have to resort to this crap to \"fill in\" for you?

It sounds a bit tragic to me.

It kind of reminds me of stupid people who\'s lounge room is a sterile dump of chairs and a TV....

Like what is so wrong with you that your not spending time TOGETHER with your kids, making things on a BIG workbench, like instead of just churning shit out at them, from packets twice a year, why are you not there together making things like musical instruments, kyaks, billy-carts, paintings, carvings, repairing clocks and machinery and tools, growing plants and vegetables, and doing things like aquaculture - the vegetables and the fish...

This parenting by remote control - it\'s all bullshit.

Mr Stiffy

This might be useful for a parent that must travel as part of their job.


if this is the future of personal contact with your kids, I would advice you to \"outsource\" your children to your parents ... this is no future and lacks at all ends, cause it has to to with relationship between kids and parents

... fail product of 2010 to my opinion !!! ....

Jens Schwoon
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