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November 26, 2009

The Yoomi bottle heats milk in about a minute

The Yoomi bottle heats milk in about a minute

Trying to placate a hungry baby and getting their milk to the right temperature can be a stressful experience. What if there was a way to heat the milk to the right temperature in just one minute? Enter Yoomi - a baby's feed bottle that brings milk to the temperature of breast milk by simply pressing a button.

The bottle contains a sealed warmer unit that is contained within the bottle and beneath the teat. When the orange button on the side of the bottle is pressed, non-toxic solution contained within the warmer turns from solid to liquid and starts to heat. After 30 seconds the button turns blue - then you turn it over for about 30 seconds. As the bottle is then tipped towards your baby’s mouth, cold milk flows through channels outside the warmer. When the milk reaches the teat it will be the right temperature – around 32-34 degrees Celsius (89.6-93.2 F). The bottle is also very useful when you are outside the home or traveling and can be used for breast milk and other milk.

The warmer will remain at the same temperature for up to an hour. Itis recharged by immersing the bottle in boiling water or a steam sterilizer for 25 minutes and is capable of being recharged about 100 times.

The Yoomi bottle won the Design and Engineering Sector Award in the first London Technology Fund Competition in 2008. It was invented by a husband and wife team, solicitor Farah and engineer Dr. Jim Shaikh after their experiences trying to heat a bottle for their first born in the early hours of the morning.

The Yoomi self-warming bottle will be available in the UK for GBP22 (about US$36 at time of publication) A pack of two teats for GBP4.50, (about US$7.45 at time of publication) from John Lewis.

Via Daily Mail.

More in this video from BIPCTV:

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This sounds ideal until you read the instructions. The cartrige needs charging between each feeds: 25 minutes in a steam steriliser and the best part of two hours to cool down). Not very proctical, specially for the price (£22). In any case when making powder formula feeds, you have to use water just above 70 degrees so the product is pointless unless you\'re feeding expressed breast milk or can afford formula cartons.

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