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YAKKAY smart helmets bring some styling to cycling


August 18, 2008

YAKKAY “Smart One”

YAKKAY “Smart One”

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Traditional bicycle helmets are notoriously unfashionable, but thanks to Danish company YAKKAY, the bike helmet just got a whole lot cooler. The YAKKAY “Smart One” is a new style of helmet with various covers available, designed to transform your helmet into a hat and become an accessory to your outfit.

Available is sizes medium and large, the helmets are designed with adjustment space which ensures that the helmet precisely to fits your head's shape and size. A number of adhesive foam circles are provided to help fit the helmet to your head and also provide air circulation to cool you down while you ride. The design also features rounded ear straps and adjustment buckles in polished stainless steel. Once your helmet is fitted, you slip a cover over the top and the helmet becomes a cool looking hat, rather than a clunky piece of safety equipment.

There are currently four cover designs available in a range of fabrics. The Izmir comes in black or white knitting and is a skull-cap shape with no brim. The Dublin is a similar shape, but comes in plain black cotton. The Paris is an adorable short-peaked cap, in a sort of train-driver style. It comes is orange, silver, black or army colors in denim fabric. Finally, the Tokyo is a fisherman-style cap with a brim the whole way around and comes in pale denim, blue denim and black and while striped denim. All of the covers are designed without open holes so that your head stays dry in the rain. YAKKAY helmets are currently available in Denmark and Germany for around the USD$120 mark and fully meet the European CE standard (EN1078).

Via: Gizmodo /YAKKAY.

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