Workout brain and body with the XWave Sport brainwave interface headband


June 25, 2012

The XWave Sport is a headband that measures and detects the wearer's brainwave information

The XWave Sport is a headband that measures and detects the wearer's brainwave information

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California-based company PLX Devices first came to our attention in 2010 with its XWave brainwave interface accessory for iDevices that read a wearer’s brainwave information. It appears the call center headset-like form factor may not have appealed to many as the device no longer appears on the company’s website, but it has been replaced with a similar device in a design that should make the wearer much less self-conscious – a brain computer interface headband.

Like the XWave before it, the new XWave Sport won’t let you compose a text message or make a phone call using the power of your mind, but is intended to provide information about the wearer’s state of mind. In addition to soaking up some sweat during your workout, the headband conceals a removable brainwave controller module. This module contains a Bluetooth module for wireless connection to a smartphone or PC, a lithium-ion battery providing up to six hours of operation, and a medical grade brainwave detection circuit. The controller module is removable to allow the headband to be washed.

When placed over the wearer’s left eyebrow, the XWave Sport measures and detects the electrical impulses transmitted through the skull to the surface of the forehead and converts them into digital signals. A new patent pending magnetic clip also attaches to an ear to ground the device and improve the device’s signal performance. PLX Devices says the headband’s conductive fabric ensures a solid connection in high vibration physical activities, such as mountain biking or running.

The headband can measure various parameters, such as relaxation and focus levels, and send them via Bluetooth to a paired iOS or Android device, or PC. Unlike the XWave headset that came bundled with an app that included a number of brain training exercises, apps for the XWave Sport are still “coming soon.” PLX Devices also has SDKs available for developers to create apps for the device.

PLX Devices currently has pre-production units available for preorder, but these will only support Android devices and PCs. These will start shipping in September of this year. Production units that will be iOS compatible will follow.

The XWave Sport comes in a variety of colors and will retail for US$99.

Source: PLX Devices

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