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Rumble while you rock - the XRocker Vibe platform for Guitar Hero and Rock Band


January 9, 2010

The XRocker Vibe platform for Guitar Hero and Rock Band

The XRocker Vibe platform for Guitar Hero and Rock Band

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For those avid Guitar Hero and Rock Band players who love to immerse themselves in their rock n’ roll experience as much as possible, the XRocker Vibe platform will come as a welcome addition to their accessory collection.. Seen at this weeks CES, the platform is designed to be stood upon while a player shreds away to their favorite rock classic, all the while emitting rumbles of base through the players body as funky LED’s flash to the rhythm of the music.

The XRocker Vibe measures 63 x 63 x 15.5cm and features three speakers and a subwoofer that work with the audio out ports of the player's chosen console. Designed to emulate the sensation of taking the stage at a rock concert, the US$99 XRocker Vibe may seem a novelty to many but is sure to have some lounge room legends gearing up for the next phase in their illustrious careers when it is released in a few months time.

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I know this article is very old but I was wondering if anyone knows where this product can be purchased?


Isabella Dabby
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