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XiStera combines 8 iPhone tools in one device


May 10, 2013

The XiStera includes a magnetic lens-mounting point, and a tripod mount

The XiStera includes a magnetic lens-mounting point, and a tripod mount

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen iPhone attachments that let you do things like prop your phone up, attach a lens, or even use it as a bottle opener. The problem is, you can generally only put one of those attachments on your phone at a time. The XiStera, however, combines a whopping eight functions in a single gadget.

Created by Georgia-based Swipecases, the XiStera is made from stainless steel coated with TPV Santoprene rubber. It’s intended specifically for use with the iPhone 5.

Its features include a mounting point for magnetic lenses, the ability to prop the phone up in landscape or portrait modes, an earbud-wrapping system, a stylus, a tripod mount, a key chain attachment point, an LED lighting mount, and yes – a bottle opener.

While the XiStera does indeed look pretty handy, it should be noted that for at least some of its uses, it clips directly onto the bare iPhone – forget about using it and a case. You’d also likely need to take it off if you wanted to keep your phone in your pocket.

Should those things not be problems, however, you can pre-order one now with a US$20 pledge to its Kickstarter campaign. At that level, you just get the XiStera itself. If you’re interested in lenses or an LED light, you’ll need to pay more.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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Good product for a fair price, I'd buy one but i have an old Iphone4. For 20$ you can't go wrong really.


Clever idea! Even better idea - dump the iPhone and keep the gadget ... Most of the ideas can be used solo, and you are not annoyed by the boss/ wife/ girlfriend/ telemarketers harassing you on your day off!

The Skud

omg swiss army phone , the beta.

Walt Stawicki
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