LG claims world’s thinnest LCD TV crown with 2.6mm thin 42-inch panel


December 21, 2009

LG reclaims the crown of world's thinnest with a 2.6mm thin LCD TV panel

LG reclaims the crown of world's thinnest with a 2.6mm thin LCD TV panel

LG has just fired off another salvo in the ongoing battle between Japanese and Korean LCD manufacturers to claim the title of world’s thinnest LCD TV panel. The Korean company has managed to break the 3mm barrier to produce an LCD TV panel measuring just 2.6mm (0.1-inch) thin. The 42-inch panel weighs less than 4kg (8.8lb), boasts a 120Hz refresh rate and full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The company says it was able to produce the world’s thinnest LCD TV panel through the use of multiple “slimming” technologies, including an ultra-slim, edge-lit LED backlight system and proprietary optical film technology. The new panel’s 2.6mm depth almost halves LG’s previous record of 5.9mm featured on 42- and 47-inch LCD panels unveiled in May, that were themselves the world’s thinnest panels at that time.

No other details on the ultra-thin panel is available as yet, but all will be revealed when LG showcases the new TVs at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 in Las Vegas, starting on January 5.... we'll be there to get a closer look.

i4u via engadget.

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This is awesome! The new LG is ultra slim- breaks even last years record... You could hang this like a picture on the wall.

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