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World's largest offshore wind farm


May 15, 2008

Wind farm project

Wind farm project

May 15, 2008 Texas based engineering and construction giant Fluor Corporation has been engaged to to design and construct the 500 megawatt (MW) Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm.

The $1.8 billion (£900 million) contract with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) will see the massive wind farm project realized at a location 25 kilometers off the Suffolk coast of the United Kingdom (UK).

The Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm Project will feature 140 wind turbines each having a rated capacity of 3.6 MW, providing enough renewable electricity for more than 415,000 homes, equivalent to the approximate domestic demand of Suffolk.

The turbines will be supplied by Siemens Wind Power A/S and Fluor will be responsible for the installation of the turbines which will be mounted on steel monopiles and transition pieces in water depths between 24 and 34 meters.

Construction will commence in the summer of 2009 and is scheduled for completion in 2011.

Via Fluor Corp.

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