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Nearly 1,000 cars participate in world's largest Ferrari parade


September 20, 2012

Ferrari 365 GTB4

Ferrari 365 GTB4

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Most people would be happy on a day that they see just one Ferrari. During the recent Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone Circuit event in the U.K., onlookers got to see not one, but more than 900 Ferraris circling the track in a grand spectacle. The event is on its way to being certified as the largest Ferrari parade in history, almost doubling the previous record holder.

Ferrari North Europe and the British Ferrari Owners Club worked hard to get Ferrari owners from around the U.K. and abroad to attend the event. When the time came, a rainbow of Ferrari heritage circled around the Silverstone circuit, earning the title of "biggest parade of Ferraris ever." In all, 964 Ferrari cars from many generations participated, coming eerily close to doubling the 2008 parade in Japan that currently holds the record. That event included 490 participating Ferraris.

The event has yet to be certified as a world record, but Ferrari has filed the paperwork with Guinness and is confident that all its i's and t's are in order. It expects the issuance of an official record by the end of the week.

If you feel like you're having déjà vu, it could be because another world record Ferrari parade took place at Silverstone just a few months ago. That parade was strictly Ferrari F40s, though, so not nearly as large or diverse a pack was on hand.

The idea of a world record for Ferraris driving slowly around a track may or may not impress you, but watching nearly 1,000 Ferraris of all colors and styles drive slowly enough that you can carefully pick out your favorites is a fun pastime for anyone car enthusiast. Take your time and enjoy the video and extensive photo gallery showcasing the parade and greater weekend festivities.

Source: Ferrari

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Looks just like the M25 during rush-hour!


Wow... six F40's in the front of the pack... this would have been a cacophany, ney, symphony of the internal combustion engine.

Matt Rings

Watched the Schmee video and one just has to ask: "why would one put in music as 964 Ferraris are driving past d'-?"

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