Hyundai premieres new i10 city car


September 11, 2013

New i10 is longer, lower and wider than the previous model (Photo:

New i10 is longer, lower and wider than the previous model (Photo:

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Hyundai’s i10 hatchback has sold over 450,000 units in Europe since 2007 and this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show Hyundai officially unveiled its successor. Gizmag was on hand for the debut of the company's new entry into Europe’s A-segment market.

Designed and engineered in the Hyundai's European R&D; Center, the new i10 is longer, lower and wider than the previous model.

Hyundai will be offering two engine options for the market. Both powerplants are new variations on the company’s widely used “Kappa” engine. A 1.0 liter, three-cylinder engine will provide power to the tune of 65 hp with maximum torque figures of 94 Nm (69 lb.ft) driving the front wheels. The 1.0 liter version can also be outfitted with Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a factory option. The 1.25 four- cylinder option ups the power ever so slightly to 85 hp, with torque also making a jump to 120 Nm (88 lb.ft). The i10 will be available with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automated gearbox.

On the safety front Hyundai has incorporated active safety measures such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) systems into the i10 as standard.

The updated i10’s chassis gets an injection of high-tensile steel making it torsionally stiffer than its predecessor by 27 percent according to Hyundai. This is also designed to translate into a quieter ride with less road feedback making its way into the cabin.

The i10’s interior is also significantly larger than its predecessor. The new i10 is designed to carry four or five passengers and offers 1046 liters of storage space with the rear seats down, giving it a 27 liter storage advantage over the previous model. Passenger and driver also benefit from the interior expansion with improved legroom, headroom and shoulder room throughout.

The new i10 is set to enter production this month. Pricing starts at €9,975.

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