Venom introduces world's first carbon neutral alkaline battery


October 22, 2009

Venom Eco Alkaline batteries are the world's first certified carbon neutral batteries

Venom Eco Alkaline batteries are the world's first certified carbon neutral batteries

A new range of batteries from Venom is free of mercury, cadmium and lead, and has been certified carbon neutral by The Eco Alkaline batteries were certified carbon neutral after a detailed product life-cycle assessment of carbon emissions. As part of a carbon neutral project, Venom is supporting the Return to Forest Project which is helping to reforest Nicaragua's Pacific coast.

Venom claims that the batteries are of high quality, with performance that can rival leading alkaline battery brands. They will be available in standard sizes, are recyclable and should be on the shelves of North American retailers in the last quarter of this year.

Clint Bower, President of Venom Group International, said, "Today's consumers are more aware of the global warming and environmental impact of the products they use every day. Consumers are choosing Earth-friendly, sustainable products or those that reduce environmental impact over traditional alternatives."

According to Carbon Fund, the average American is responsible for 500 pounds of CO2 per year. Perhaps buying products that are carbon neutral will help to offset some of that carbon footprint.

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I thought the 500 pounds was WAY too low, so went fact-checking:

Actually the quote on our personal CO2 production per person is:

"What we do know is the average American is responsible for about 10 tons of CO2 emissions annually in direct emissions (home, car, travel) and about 23 tons annually in total throughout the economy, including when we buy clothes, food, and other goods and services. " - Carbon Fund FAQ

Cheers, Doc

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