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Wireless Armour underwear: A Faraday cage for your nether regions


April 30, 2014

Wireless Armour is underwear made from a fabric which acts like a Faraday cage for your va...

Wireless Armour is underwear made from a fabric which acts like a Faraday cage for your valuables

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Although there is yet to be conclusive evidence that radiation emitted by mobile phones and other wireless devices is damaging to male fertility, some studies have shown at least a potential link. This is why the makers of Wireless Armour have stepped in to try and provide some protection with nothing less than underwear that encases your nether regions in a Faraday cage.

Some studies have shown several effects of electromagnetic radiation on male fertility, including lower sperm counts, lower sperm motility, and changes to viability and morphology. Joseph Perkins' solution is for men to don underwear made from a cotton weave material that has pure silver fibers incorporated into it. Perkins says these silver fibers form a Faraday cage that blocks the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless devices.

According to Perkins, in tests reportedly carried out by an "industry leader in wireless shielding," the Wireless Armour underwear blocks 99.99 percent of the electromagnetic radiation emitted between 100 MHz and 2.6 GHz, which covers the full range of radiation emitted by mobile devices.

If you're a.) convinced radiation from your phone has the potential to affect your fertility and b.) convinced a Faraday cage in the form of underwear is the solution, then Wireless Armour may be for you. If so, a pledge on Indiegogo of £14 (US$24) is enough to reward you with a pair of Wireless Armour underwear if and when it gets turned into a full product. This means Perkins and co. will have to sell a lot of underwear to hit their funding goal of £30,000 ($50,000).

Wireless Armour is underwear designed to protect your most valuable assets

For those not convinced by the ability of Wireless Armour to fend off radiation, the silver mesh reportedly also increases the lifespan of the product and affords it antimicrobial properties. However, its makers are not claiming it will filter your farts in the same way as Shreddies are claimed to do.

The video below shows Perkins talking about his belief that electromagnetic radiation causes male infertility as well as the thinking behind the creation of Wireless Armour. With prototypes already having been produced, the Wireless Armour range of underwear is at the final design stage.

Source: Indiegogo

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Im surprised that silver/cotton fiber would be so effective against EMF/EMR. Their 99.99% figure might not be exact but I spent a few minutes looking around for other sources and the concept does seem to be pretty effective.

Apparently there are companies that sell EMR shielding curtains/paint etc. Some of the thin fabrics from aren't terribly expensive, 60" wide and $10/foot so I could fit some of my curtains with the material for about $30/window.

I'm not trying to do it to boost my sperm count but I might do it in the room my router sits in to help as a barrier between the neighbors wireless networks and my own. It should be easy enough to measure the difference with network stumbler without needing an EMF meter.

1st May, 2014 @ 12:12 am PDT

Telecom Engrs. What do you think?

Eroll Mabini
1st May, 2014 @ 05:03 pm PDT

The TSA will love these. Prepare for the full body probe. Perhaps they could add a passport pocket.

2nd May, 2014 @ 08:11 am PDT

I thought a Faraday cage needed to be grounded to work?

Badger Watkins
2nd May, 2014 @ 04:27 pm PDT

I'm an RF engineer.

To make a Faraday Cage you have to enclose the inside completely such as in a sphere. This underwear may do a great job of stopping radiation coming in from the side but if it's coming from above or below some of it would get in the waistband or the leg holes. So "Faraday Cage" isn't the right term here.

@ Badger; they don't have to be earthed just completely enclosed in metal.

I still have no doubt it would drop the fields into the testicles quite a bit. And it's true that silver has antibiotic properties.

As an RF engineer let me add that I won't be surprised if eventually they prove some sort of negative health effects from holding cell phones up to your head for extended periods.

4th May, 2014 @ 09:11 pm PDT

it is obviously serious influenced to the human fertility problem by the geometrical increase of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the mobile phone and other wireless devices.

this is innovational invention to block the radiations against lower counts of sperms and reduced to testicle function to normal production of the healthy sperms.,I also expect to have this effective wireless armour underwear soon

Chunho Jee
5th May, 2014 @ 10:46 am PDT
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