Spain sets new wind power record supplying 40% of total demand


March 12, 2009

Wind Power in Spain 	
Image: Emmanuel Boutet via Wikimedia Commons

Wind Power in Spain Image: Emmanuel Boutet via Wikimedia Commons

March 12, 2009 Wind Turbines in the north west of Spain set a new record for power generation on March 5th as gales blew across the country, with more than 40% of the country's energy needs being generated by wind turbines.

The new record stands at a peak of 11,180 megawatts (11.18 GW) of electricity supply beating the previous record of 10,032 megawatts. The percentage of demand supplied depends on time of day as demand rises and falls throughout the day.

Spain is the third largest producer of Wind Power in the world, behind the US and Germany, with 16,740 megawatts wind capacity installed at the end of 2008. At the moment of peak production, the country's turbines were working at 69% of their maximum theoretical potential. Wind energy alone has covered 11.5% of demand so far this year, with production up by a third on last year.

When Atlantic storms generate strong gusts wind turbines supply more than either Nuclear power, the second largest contributor, with 6,797 megawatts, or coal-fired electric generation, the third largest, at 5,081 MW. Spain has plans to install a total of over 21GW of wind generation capacity by 2010 to help meet their target of 30% of annual demand for electricity from renewable sources by next year.

Paul Evans



The spectacular success of Wind Farms in Spain has been due to the feed-in-laws.

Argentina has the highest wind regime in the world with annual average windspeeds crossing 11 meters per second. It is estimated that the Wind potential in Argentina is about 5,00,000 MW! Argentina can collabore with developed countries to harness wind energy on a massie scale.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

Anumakonda Jagadeesh

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Aside from wind, wave and ocean current energy should eventually be able to supply a very large percentage of power to countries bordering oceans. Renewable energy sources need to be developed geographically, according to the natural sources available. I believe the major industry for this century will be the extraction and conversion of natural energy sources.

Adrian Akau

Currents should actively power ships crossing the ocean.

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