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WikiPad first glasses-free 3D Android tablet with attachable game controller


January 12, 2012

Wikipad on display at CES 2012

Wikipad on display at CES 2012

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Ever since the Nintendo 3DS proved that you don't need bulky glasses to view images in 3D, smartphone and tablet makers have been systematically releasing their own glasses-free 3D devices with varying results. None of these, however, have incorporated the experience with console-like controls to play casual apps or streamed video games. That's where the WikiPad comes in, with its no-glasses 3D screen and attachable gamepad to give a more immersive gaming experience.

The WikiPad may not be the first tablet with glasses-free 3D, but it is the first one that incorporates the feature with an attachable game controller. The 8-inch, 1080p touch screen allows for 2D and 3D viewing and playback of video formats including H.264, VC1, VOB, ISO, M2TS, and FLV. Using Android 4.0, the device operates as a standard tablet, but the attached gamepad allows for more control when playing games by adding dual joysticks, a direction pad and four face buttons. The WikiPad also includes mini HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, 8GB flash storage, micro SD expansion port, and both front and rear facing cameras.

The WikiPad will be on sale in the spring through retailers and through the WikiPad website. The tablet will cost around US$200 while the controller will be priced at $50.

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Now why didn\'t they just develop that handle as a slot in device for any tablet? That would have been good. As it is attached all the time it\'s on the bulky side.


Wish they\'ve given a bit more info, although in my experience, if they don\'t say it, that\'s because it doesn\'t do it :-( Like. Does it have twin cameras (for taking 3D photos and movies?). Can it actually play 3D content? Will it display 3D stills (eg: .mpo, or .jps)? What\'s the viewing area (eg: does it use a parallex barrier, and where\'s the \"sweet spot\" to see the screen from?) What sensors has it got? (gps? compas? etc?). What aboout 3G? I also can\'t see any front camera(s) their web site photos.

Oh yeah - and what\'s with the dude playing that exciting game of \"black screen\" in the promo shots?


wow, the interface seems cool from the pic, and it\'s nice to support android 4.0 tablet but how is the the main stream Android 2.3? hoping the price could stay at $200!

Narcis Hou
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