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Go for the 7/10 split with the Wii Bowling Ball controller


June 29, 2009

The Bowling Ball for Wii controller

The Bowling Ball for Wii controller

While the Wii-mote is definitely easy to use, its remote control form factor lends itself to some games more readily than others. Tennis, yes. Ten pin bowling, not so much. But the Bowling Ball for Wii controller from CTA Digital means bowlers will no longer be able to blame the controller for not picking up that spare when lining up the pins on the Wii.

Fashioned after an authentic bowling ball, the controller splits in half so you can place the Wii-mote inside – there’s even room for a Wii Motion Plus adapter if you have one. Then close the ball, attach the wrist strap, insert your fingers into the three finger holes, and you’re ready to bowl. CTA Digital is at pains to highlight the importance of attaching the wrist strap as they won’t be liable for any damage if you do what comes naturally and accidentally release the ball.

The Bowling Ball for Wii is compatible with any Wii bowling games that use the Wii-mote, including Wii Sports, Brunswick Pro Bowling, Ten Pin Alley 2, AMF Bowling: World Lanes and AMF Bowling: PinBusters!

Release date and pricing is yet to be announced.

Source: GadgetGrid

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..and you thought the wiimote going through the plasma screen was the worst that could happen.

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