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West Coast Customs teams with Microsoft to build teched-out Mustang


March 22, 2012

There's no mistaking the Micro-Stang

There's no mistaking the Micro-Stang

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What if you take the world's most iconic jock and install the brains of some of the smartest tech nerds on the planet? Well, you get the Micro-Stang by West Coast Customs (WCC) and Microsoft which takes a classic Mustang and tunes it with cutting edge technology.

Called "Project Detroit" by Microsoft and nicknamed "Micro-Stang" by WCC, the car is the epitome of old meets new. The project chooses to eschew Ford's latest styling for the much more beloved, timeless looks of a 1967 Mustang. Rather than just go with a stock classic, the boys at West Coast cut the body of the matte black Mustang off and planted it on the 2012 Mustang's chassis.

From there, they update it with all kinds of tricks and toys that the average Mustang - whether from 1967 or 2012 - will never have. Microsoft promises that the project includes "cutting-edge technology, never before used in automotive applications." That technology is drawn from the entire Microsoft range of offerings, including Kinect for Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure and Bing. The car also uses Ford Sync technology.

So far, we know of a touchscreen instrument panel, a tablet built into the passenger side dashboard, a serious set of wheel and grille lights, an external PA system, a series of smartphone apps, and external cameras. The passenger's tablet can live-stream video from the Kinect cameras outside the car and can serve as an informational and entertainment unit. Apps deliver some unique functions, including customizing things like the horn tone, window messages and interior lighting with the swipe of a finger.

Similar to the recent Ford Hackathon event, the purpose of Project Detroit is to showcase possible vehicle technologies of the future. Microsoft will release open-sourced code from the project so that developers can start working on technologies of their own.

Project Detroit will be more fully revealed on the next episode of Inside West Coast Customs, which will air on the Velocity network on Sunday. The video below is a commercial for that episode.

Source: Microsoft, West Coast Customs

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Thank you Microsoft for proving once again that real power and real innovation comes in more than just a pretty package. Great Proof of Concept!

Spike Elex

Headline : West Coast Customs teams with Microsoft to ruin classic Mustang

Tony Smale

Ford and Dynacorn make new Mustang shells for years '64-'70 for about 15-18 thousand usd. Gonna be cool to see what the better "aftermarket" resto-mod crowd does with them. This is pretty cool.Wonder what kinda' horsepower and suspension they gave it. (?)


Hopefully one of these days the underbody/behind the wheels/and generally anywhere they serve no purpose lights will go out of fashion.

Also, something that would be nice is to see a vehicle that is relatively free of all this techno gee-whizzery, similar to even 20-30 years ago.

Why does anybody need a game system or any other type of entertainment other than a radio in a car? And before all you parents start screaming at me, I believe that TV's and DVD players in cars are just an extension of the baby sitting duties that were long ago passed off to TV and game systems. I, and many other people, made it through our childhood travels without technology. Children today are in no way so different that they need TV in the car.


Just build the Mustang like it was initially build that alone is more than enough. There are much more people looking to buy those vintage mustangs but build new and at a affordable price.

Nolley Martis

This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. This isn't even a car, it's a big advertisement for Microsoft's wannabe iphone and ipad.


@RT1583, I'm still completely amused at comments from people like you that assume that your likes/dislikes speak for the masses, partucularily from your age group. Well I grew up biting my fingernails in my car driving 4-5 hours one way almost every 3 weeks to see relatives. I now do the same with my children. They are not spoiled but I'll be damned if I subject them to the punishment I took in the car of listening to adult drivel for 4 hours. They can have a bloody tv or dvd player in the car thanks. What babysitting would you like parents to perform in a car on a 4 hour road trip? Sing kumbayah the whole time?

Rocky Stefano

Microsoft team up with "Ford" (Fix Or Repair Daily); seems appropriate.

As for the wheels and under body lights, not for me.


What happens if the car gets a virus?


@ Rocky, I'm completely amused by people like you who get wound up about other peoples comments. It's my opinion. Nobody said you had to like it. Wonderful thing about the internet though, and this is more truth than opinion, is that forums such as this one allow people to jump in and post their opinions and move on without any concern for follow up, i.e. an attempt at conversation. Unfortunately due to this very real and very large limitation, people are reduced to putting their thoughts out there in their entirety and deal with what comes. Now, if you and I were able to have this conversation face to face, chances are that we would each still hold our own opinions but each of us may be swayed slightly to the other persons way of thinking on different parts of said opinions.

Also, I am interested in what you think my age group is and how it is that you come to be able to determine a persons age simply based on what they say.


Why oh why did they have to pimp out a perfectly fine Mustang? Look, this car is a classic...not a hoopdee or a hoon...but a car to be respected....sad really


The only car that will crash, with out even moving..

Michael Mantion

I thankfully saw no mention of anything Microsoft being integrated into those parts of the Mustang that enable it to be driven. Beware the BSoD!!


I think they used to call it a "tune up". If I remember right, you bought a set of distributor points, and a condensor. The cost was about $5. Ford had a little shutter/window on the distributor that you could open, insert an allen wrench and set the dwell/gap on the points with the engine running! The Ford I had also had an AM radio! I'm trying to remember if ever needed anything else. Hmmm...nope...I think that was it.

Kevin Sharpe

...Oh I remember now what else it was I had on that Ford that was handy...wing vent windows. I wonder if there is an App/Widget that will project a hologram or something that would simulate wing vent windows...they sure were handy!

Kevin Sharpe

Microsoft cant build an operating system, they just keep trying to. That horrid looking crapmobile is further proof.


Well I just love the latest high tech developments that manufacturers like Ford are building in to cars like 8" colour touchscreens, voice control and LCD instruments. The exterior underbody etc. lights do nothing for me but on a long trip driving is all about the driving experience for me. I cannot enjoy the exterior design of the car much while driving, especially at night. For me driving enjoyment is all about the cabin with nice instrumentation and electronic additions like memory electric seats, GPS as the top front instrument, cruise control that maintains a minimum distance to the car in front, screens on the back of head rests for passengers that could also be able to duplicate drivers features like stereo settings and GPS and exterior camera views. The days of fitting a twin outlet cigarette lighter socket as the main accessory have long gone for me and I am over 70.

Facebook User

Blue screen of death literally


now Apple needs to join the car aftermarket game, but we'll probably need to jailbreak it first to have any useful functions.

Tomasz Wawrzyczny-Than

@Rt1583....I had the same impression reading your initial comment, but was too lazy to say anything! I'm guessing Rocky thought you are an old fart by the tone of your comments....'everything was better back in the day'. Like those emails that circulate saying implying we were somehow better off NOT having color TV, internet, bike helmets, penicillin, et.al. ad nauseum . Although I agree, I find myself not even turning on the radio in the car anymore, unless I'm parked and waiting for someone. Take my comment with the obligatory grain of salt, I was born in 1952.

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