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Weigh To Go helps travelers avoid excess baggage costs


February 28, 2010

The Weigh To Go is a combination luggage tag/scale

The Weigh To Go is a combination luggage tag/scale

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Now more than ever airlines are charging hefty penalties for baggage that exceeds the specified weight limit. Weigh To Go is a combination luggage tag/weighing scale that is designed to help globetrotters avoid overweight baggage fees. The compact device attaches to the luggage handle and displays the luggage weight on its small display.

The Weigh To Go attaches to the luggage handle via two Velcro straps and a steel carabiner with a built-in combination lock that is designed to prevent theft of the unit itself – not to lock the luggage. The battery-powered device is constructed of a high gloss ABS plastic shell surrounded by a rubber bumper for protection while in transit.

To weigh the luggage hit the power button and choose the desired unit – pounds or kilograms. Then reset the weight to zero by pressing the tare button and release the Velcro straps from the luggage handle while making sure the steel carabiner is secured. Lift the body of the Weigh To Go upward to lift the suitcase off the ground, wait about five seconds and then slowly lower the suitcase to the ground. The weight of the case will be displayed on the Weigh To Go’s digital display.

The Weigh To Go is available from Quirky for a special pre-sale price of US$33, which is $5 off the retail price of $38, and less than the excess baggage weight costs charged by most airlines. It will be put into production once orders reach 775 units.

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Yeah, but all of these baggage weighers are useless if you have a discrepancy with what they say at the airport...their scales are the final word, so if you get too close to your limit, you are probably over according to the airline\'s scales...so be careful and stay 20% below the maximum just to be safe!


Shouldn\'t your report tell us (a) how accurate the Weigh To Go is, and (b) the weight of the device itself?

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Just yesterday I needed to tackle this issue. Handheld scales at Walmart for $5 (fishing equipment) with its 50lb limit were up to the task. Yes, absolutely agree with Ed. It is as if airports had their own units of measurement. I got over according to THEIR scales. No issue just need to recalibrate the handhelds accordingly/leave healhy safe margin.

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