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Universal remote control with built-in WiFi, color screen


October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008 There’s no point hauling yourself off the couch to go outside only to find that the weather’s terrible, right? The Universal Smart Remote Control from Acoustic Research eliminates the guess work displaying up to date weather information, plus news, sports and TV listings using a built-in WiFi connection.

The ARRU449 displays info direct to the full color, 2.2-inch LCD screen on the remote using the click365 WiFi content platform and can control your entire home theater system can using a one-touch activities feature. It supports thousands of brands and devices and automatically detects device codes, making it easy to program your TV, DVD player, stereo receiver or any other device that can be controlled by a remote.

The one-touch feature can cater for commands as specific as “watch bedroom DVD” or “watch den satellite receiver.”

Via: Weather Snob / Acoustic-research.

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