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WaveJet electric jet-drive angler paddleboard swims with the fishes


August 11, 2014

Trolling the local waters on the WaveJet Pau Hana Angler

Trolling the local waters on the WaveJet Pau Hana Angler

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Always looking for a new excuse to run its electric jet drive through the water, WaveJet has released a new board designed for fishing. The Pau Hana Big EZ Angler is the jet-powered stand-up paddleboard that provides stand-up fishermen with a new way to quietly troll the local fishing hole.

When we looked at the WaveJet system back in 2012, the company was marketing it largely as a way for surfers to catch big waves without the need for a separate tow-in vehicle. The wirelessly controlled electric drive gives surfers several times the power and speed they'd get by paddling alone, letting them keep up with big, powerful waves.

Of course, a small, modular jet drive has applications far beyond the niche of big wave surfing. During its initial launch, WaveJet also mentioned possibilities like shallow-water boating and lifeguard rescue operations, and it's been releasing new designs for activities like those ever since.

The new Pau Hana Big EZ Angler WaveJet System is the latest to joing the family, giving anglers the benefit of the 20 lbs of thrust put out by the WaveJet Power Pod electric drive. WaveJet explains that the system lets anglers "troll, reach out of the way shallows and flats, and quickly get [their] catch back to shore."

The WaveJet Power Pod propulsion unit has the same general specs as it did back in 2012. It's operated via a wireless wrist controller and powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers about 30 minutes of continuous run time. With the addition of the jet drive, the paddle becomes less of a propulsion tool and more a piece of steering equipment, though it's still useful for conserving battery power.

The board itself is essentially a fishing-specific version of the Pau Hana Big EZ board that WaveJet already offers. It measures 11 ft (3.4 m) long by 32 in (81 cm) across and includes a foam pad deck for stable footing. The integrated Seamount anchor points secure coolers, chairs, tackle boxes and other handy fishing hardware, with WaveJet even including a base mounting system for Nocqua LED lighting to make night-fishing missions a little easier. The Power Pod can be swapped out for the included blank pod for days when you want to paddle by hand.

"It was a really low tide and we were running the board in super shallow water – there would have been no other way to get back there," WaveJet Team member Cory Lopez explains about a Pau Hana Big EZ Angler trial. "Then on the way home, the tide was still ripping out through the canals and after four hours of fishing you’re pretty tired ... without the WaveJet I would have been screwed. All in all, we had a great time and caught a lot of fish."

The WaveJet Pau Hana Angler kit retails for US$4,995, a $100 premium over the standard, non-angler Pau Hana Big EZ SUP kit. Personally, I have enough trouble keeping my balance on regular paddleboard so I can't imagine what it's like trying to reel in a feisty bass while standing on the water. For those like me, WaveJet also offers jet-powered kayaks.

YOu can see Lopez catch a few fish on the Pau Hana Big EZ Angler in the video below.

Source: WaveJet

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I think that is really neat. With anchor points for a cooler or chair, it seems one does not have to stand but can sit for the journey. Perhaps to make it complete, it could have a small canopy for shade while going to / from ones favorite fishing spot?


Mass produce, awesome Testing sites: Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, FL, GA, NC SC LA swamps alone

Stephen Russell

For $5K I can sit down on a jet ski and run around all day..............


I'm with Vf6cruiser. This thing is simply 5 times overpriced. They make electric powered float tubes, less that $1000.oo, Kayaks, canoes, jetski's , etc for much less or much more convenient.


Catch the wrong fish you will see the board going away and your hairy white butt in the water.

Bill Bennett
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