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WAHH Quantum Sensations alcohol spray simulates the feeling of being drunk


May 8, 2012

When sprayed into the mouth, WAHH Quantum Sensations is said to produce a slight light-headedness which passes almost immediately

When sprayed into the mouth, WAHH Quantum Sensations is said to produce a slight light-headedness which passes almost immediately

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A professor who has previously created chocolate and coffee aerosols has teamed up with designer Philippe Starck, and turned his micro-particle spraying science to booze. The WAHH Quantum Sensations spray delivers approximately 0.075 ml of alcohol liquid in the form of micro-particles and reportedly simulates the sensorial pleasure of alcohol, giving the user a brief moment of light-headedness and distraction.

Harvard professor David Edwards came up with the idea of using his micro-particle spraying technology to distribute alcohol after meeting with Philippe Starck and discussing the possibility of recreating the positive sensations associated with drinking – but without the drunkenness and negative health implications. The result is a spray which contains tiny amounts of alcohol, that can be sprayed directly into the mouth or onto food.

Each WAHH Quantum Sensations spray holds two milliliters of liquid and delivers 20-25 actuations which include 0.075 ml of alcohol in the form of micro-particles. When sprayed into the mouth this is said to produce a slight light-headedness which passes almost immediately, leaving users with the taste and memory of an intense sensation. The aim was to provide the same agreeable sensation as comes with a sip of alcohol, but without the risk of becoming drunk.

"Everyone has an occasional need of light-headedness, distraction, and another place … but our societies and codes of amusement have led to the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages as a kind of social placebo," said Philippe Starck.

Because each spray of the device contains nearly 1,000 times less alcohol than a standard shot, it's said it would take hundreds of actuations to deliver the alcohol content found in a typical drink. But while some reports have claimed WAHH Quantum Sensations spray actually gets users drunk for a few seconds before they sober up just as fast, the team behind it is keen to stress this is not actually the case.

A spokesperson told Gizmag: "WAHH does not stimulate drunkenness. It is precisely to avoid drunkenness. It stimulates the pleasure of alcohol without the alcohol. There is almost no alcohol in the product, yet the aerosol gives an instantaneous lightheadedness, slight, not disorienting, and is intended for anything but the experience of being drunk" ... all of which we think means you won't have the urge to tell your best mate exactly why you love him so much or struggle to get the key in the door.

There are two types of WAHH Quantum Sensations spray – the Flash, which offers a tonic flavor and a strong and instantaneous sensation, and the Demon, which is described as having a spicy, wooded and slightly fruity flavor and said to be best served vaporized on salty or sweet foods. In describing WAHH Quantum Sensations, David Edwards said, "Its ability to deliver flavor with each actuation that grows in intensity with the vapor cloud of millions of tiny micro-droplets makes WAHH an exciting food spray for the future."

WAHH Quantum Sensations can currently be sampled at the "Experience 14 WA|HH by S+ARCK + EDWARDS" exhibition at Le Laboratoire in Paris – but will soon go on sale in Europe for €20 (about US$26).

Source: Lelaboratoire

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Inhaling alcohol vapor with pure oxygen....... The alcohol bong.

I would not really like to see it, but I sort of would - I'd like to see a person inhale fully and deeply and then exhale at a lit match. That I think, would be the end of them.

Lots of vids on Youtube etc., about professional pest control systems against rabbits and moles etc., that fill the burrows with a mixture of oxygen and a fuel gas like propane or hydrogen..... It's a clean and total detonation of the burrow, and everything in it - and if the burrow isn;t too deep, it will blast them open as well. They go under names such as Rodenator, Rodent Blaster......

It's just interesting to think about people inhaling the same sort of mixture...... A chest full of it.......

Mr Stiffy

So that's why women enjoy spraying on perfume so much! lol

Colin Macpherson

Uh.. it honestly doesn't sound like it really has any appeal. A few seconds of "lightheadedness"? For one, this sounds more like "getting high". And that's only if it does INDEED, pose any positive effects. It honestly doesn't sound like it though.

Has anybody tried this and can they PLEASE provide an honest review of the feeling?

Tyrel Colwell
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