Wacom’s Intuos4 Wireless cuts the USB cable


February 1, 2010

Wacom's Intuos4 Wireless doesn't have any, well, wires

Wacom's Intuos4 Wireless doesn't have any, well, wires

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Wacom has set professional digital doodlers free with its updated Intuos4 professional pen tablet now featuring Bluetooth wireless technology. Wacom says removing the USB cable shackles makes the Intuos4 Wireless an ideal choice for collaborative work sessions, client presentations or use in a seminar setting such as an art class or photography seminar.

The Intuos 4 Wireless boasts all the features of its corded cousin including Wacom’s tip sensor technology, 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, eight customizable ExpressKeys with illuminated displays, a finger-sensitive touch ring that controls up to four different functions per application, and seamless integration with popular software applications.

However, unlike the wired Intuos4, which comes in four different sizes, the Intuos4 Wireless is only available in what would be roughly the equivalent of the Intuos4 M. The medium sized tablet measures 14.3" x 10.0" x 0.6" (363mm x 253mm x 15 mm) with 40 square inches of working area. The unit weighs 2.2 lb (1kg) with the battery, which is recharged via USB. It is Mac and PC compatible.

Wacom plans to begin shipping the Intuos4 Wireless in the US and Canada in late February/early March with a price of US$399. It is scheduled for launch in Mexico and other Latin American countries in subsequent months. Release details for other markets are yet to be announced.

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