VTech unveils smartwatch for kids


January 21, 2014

VTech has unveiled a smartwatch for 6-12 year-old kids

VTech has unveiled a smartwatch for 6-12 year-old kids

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If you needed any further evidence that wearable technology is becoming mainstream, electronic learning toys manufacturer VTech has unveiled a smartwatch for kids at the London Toy Fair. The watch will be part of VTech's Kidizoom range and will be aimed at 6-12 year-olds.

Features will include a camera (based on the Kidizoom digital camera), video recording, a voice recorder with "funny voice effects" for playback, and three preloaded educational games. The watch will also have some built-in video editing capabilities and will include a USB port so that photos and videos can be downloaded to a computer.

Pint-sized gadget fiends will benefit from a 1.4-in (3.6-cm) color touchscreen, and will have 20 different watches faces to choose from. There will also be more traditional functionality to make use of, such as a countdown timer and a stopwatch. The time-telling function of the watch will be available in analogue and digital modes.

VTech representative Emma Birley explains that the watch is aimed at helping kids to learn to tell the time, but should also help them to become familiar with such devices, which are increasingly prevalent. "Kids see their parents with these watches and tablets and want to use them, so it's meeting those needs and making it kid-friendly," she tells us.

The company already sells a tablet for kids as part of the Kidizoom range. The VTech Kidizoom smartwatch will be available from August this year and will retail at £39.99 (US$65.88).

Source: VTech

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Privacy is doomed! Kids will leave these things everywhere for later downloading to show their friends what Mum, Dad, Big Sister and Boyfriend get up to ... People seem hell-bent on having kids grow up and turn into consumers before they need to. How long before they manage to 'stream' adverts to these watches?

The Skud

@The Skud

Good points.

If we have to have them, it would be nice if they had GPS so that they could function as a tracker if the wearer were missing for some reason.

Mel Tisdale
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