Volvo backs energy efficient forestry machinery


December 3, 2007

The El-forest forwarder

The El-forest forwarder

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December 4, 2007 Making forestry a sustainable industry isn't just about the best utilization and management of plantation resources, it's also about how the timber is harvested. With this in mind, Volvo has announced a new investment as the part-owner in El-forest AB, based in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

The El-forest forwarder is the world’s first forestry machine that uses electric-hybrid technology, giving it the potential to cut fuel consumption by 50% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The light-weight forwarder can handle the same load as a conventional machine of a comparable size and uses a patented frame construction that enables all six of the individually electric-powered wheels to follow the same wheel-track with adapted speed, meaning less damage to the environment during the logging process.

Volvo Technology Transfer hopes the investment in El-forest will accelerate the introduction of the forestry machine with the first unit to be delivered to state-owned Sveaskog - Sweden’s largest forest owner - during 2008.

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