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Vogel’s RingO Universal iPad mounting system


February 8, 2011

Vogel's RingO universal mounting system is compatible with a variety of iPad mounts for different locations

Vogel's RingO universal mounting system is compatible with a variety of iPad mounts for different locations

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Although iPads are designed to be carried around, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be literally carrying the iPad all the time – even when you’re using it. Hence the huge variety of iPad mounts on the market. While most of the mounting solutions on offer generally aim for one or maybe two specific uses, such as in the car, on the fridge or in the studio, Vogel’s RingO Universal Mounting System is designed to let users mount their iPad just about anywhere.

As the name suggests, the RingO system consists of a protective iPad holder with a ring shaped aluminum connector located in the middle of its back. This connector clips into a variety of different mounts Vogel has developed to suit different locations.

  • The Wall Mount consists of a small cylindrical unit about half the size of an aluminum can that is screwed onto a wall or other surface and allows the iPad to be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The Table Stand is essentially a click on support like you’d find on the rear of a photo frame that lets the iPad be displayed in landscape or portrait mode on a flat surface.
  • The Car Mount attaches to a front seat headrest to allow the iPad to be used by the rear passengers.
  • The Flip Stand lets users position an iPad upright for watching movies or slideshows, or slightly raised for typing on a desk or your knees. Won’t be available until later this year.
  • The Flex Mount is an adjustable arm that mounts to a wall that lets the iPad be tilted and swiveled so it’s in the right position. Not available until later this year.
  • The Adhesive Mount is basically a non-permanent version of the Wall Mount that sticks to any unpainted, oil free surface, such as tiles or glass, that isn’t suitable for screws. Also not available until later this year.

Vogel, a Dutch company better known for its mounts for flat panel TVs, projectors and loudspeakers, says the system in already available in Europe and is “quickly becoming the universal worldwide standard in tablet mounting systems.” We’re not sure about that but the RingO system certainly looks well made and covers just about all the bases.

However, decking out your house and car with multiple mounts won’t be cheap. Prices start at US$69.99 for the Starter Pack, which includes the Holder and Wall Mount, ranging up to $119.99 for the All-in-One Pack that includes the Holder, Wall Mount, Tablet Stand and Car Mount. They are available now at Vogel's website.

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