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Viteo Shower turns outdoor showering upside-down


July 31, 2013

The Viteo Shower offers a portable solution for those who want an outdoor shower with a difference

The Viteo Shower offers a portable solution for those who want an outdoor shower with a difference

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As someone who lives in the UK and can therefore count the number of hot days a year on one hand, the idea of having a permanent outdoor shower is rather novel. However, in countries where scorching summers are par for the course they're a common sight, but require plumbing and a dedicated space. The Viteo Shower avoids both these problems by literally turning the outdoor shower design on its head.

The Viteo Shower is a portable outdoor shower unit designed by Danny Venlet that features a simple base made from a mix of non-slip plastic and stainless steel. Once placed in a suitable position, the user connects the Viteo Shower to the mains water supply via a hosepipe. With the water turned on and under pressure (a minimum of 2 bar is required), they then simply step onto the non-slip base to start the shower running.

The Viteo Shower pushes water up through nozzles positioned around the outer edge of the circular base, with the water streams rising to a height of up to 4 m (13 ft) before falling down on the user standing in the middle of the device. It's simple to set up, and requires nothing more than a piece of flat ground, a hosepipe, and a mains water supply. The pressure-sensitive method of operation also keeps moving parts to a minimum.

You could, of course, just buy a sprinkler attachment, position it in the middle of your lawn, and enjoy a similar upside-down shower experience while watering the lawn at the same time. But I suspect Venlet is targeting a more mature consumer with his shower.

The Viteo Shower is priced at €625 (US$830) not including VAT or shipping.

The video below may look like the start of a soft porn film (which could get Gizmag banned in the UK in the future), but it briefly shows the Viteo Shower in operation.

Source: Viteo Shower via Dornob

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At first glance it seems like a great idea. Then I saw the price.

Chuck Anziulewicz

My first thought after reading the headline was, 'Why?', but now after reading the article I have fine tuned the question to, 'Wtf?'

Fritz Menzel

A ridiculous product. Still, there may be a market. Just because a person has money doesn't mean they have brains. Warm/hot water is probably not an option, maybe on the $1,000 Viteo-plus?

Bruce H. Anderson

Gizmodo featured this in 2007, and the clip is two years old. I'm curious, what motivates anyone to start promoting this still-overpriced and rather silly product now?

I liked the on-site photo of the girl using it in a forest. They have forests with hoses in Germany? Who knew?

Christopher Osborne

Act now while supplies last, similar products have sold for $10s of dollars.


the way the video started out I thought for sure it was a softcore porno. lol

Derek Howe

I have a leaky garden hose which does this for free.

Doug MacLeod

at 625 euros I think a garden sprinkler might be better

Guy Wood

and another thing (apart from the hot weather...) it requires a still calm day (no wind or breeze) otherwise 'what goes up' will go elsewhere...

I know...maybe they can include a frame which will hold it above your head.....and so gravity can...

ah...hmmm...that sounds like...a shower...

Hose me down Mother!


So, all the crud that has accumulated in the jets whilst sitting unused (you know, like cat poo and such) gets squirted straight up your nose (and other even less appropriate downward-facing orifices) as soon as you turn the thing on. What a blindingly brilliant idea - NOT!

Martin Winlow

This might be a pleasant, albeit ridiculously overpriced, way for the leisure class to cool off while suntanning—do they still do that?—but there is no way it will provide any of the benefits of an actual shower.


Comes with one nose plug that everyone can share, I can see how it would keep the twigs and berries area clean though.

Jay Finke

This price US$830 is absurd! Maybe the 8 is a typo... I'm thinking US$30, tops!!!

John Carman

Insanely expensive repurposed lawn sprinkler.

Bob Ehresman

Giant bidet.


I won't comment on the price; others have spoken of that enough. What struck me was the observation that about 50% of the water isn't striking the human!

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I discovered for myself (at Burning Man) that a person can take a pretty darn decent shower utilizing only a quart of water, using a common one-dollar spray bottle, especially if the bottle is lashed to a flexible pole so you don't have to rest it on the ground.

Scott in California

@Derek Howe With the direction this sprays it could very easily be one.


so rewash with dirty water? as it comes up from below ?

John Sweet
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