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Vision-X DYNA-CURVE home theater screen


December 10, 2008

The Vision-X Dyna-Curve screen

The Vision-X Dyna-Curve screen

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December 11, 2008 With big screen HDTV’s becoming the rule rather than the exception it can be a little hard staying one step ahead of the Joneses. Nowadays the only way to truly impress the neighbors in the home entertainment department is with a true home theater comprising a projector and screen. So for those looking to be the envy of the neighborhood Vutec has introduced a new generation of high-gain curved screens dubbed the Vision-X Dyna-Curve. The Dyna-Curve screens feature an advanced multi-aspect masking system for use with all widescreen 2.35:1 anamorphic lens projectors, masking to 16:9 and 4:3, while maintaining constant image height for movie, HDTV and Standard TV formats.

Unlike Vutec’s first curved screen, which was parabolic, the new screen is a horizontal curve which Vutec says offers an enhanced sense of viewer immersion, true high definition, outstanding color reproduction, higher contrast and a full viewing area.

Dyna-Curve is available with Vutec’s SilverStar, BriteWhite Opaque, PearlBrite, GreyDove and SoundScreen surfaces and comes as a three piece modular unit for all screen surfaces, except for SilverStar which is supplied fully assembled. For this reason Dyna-Curve with SilverStar is limited to a maximum viewing height of 59”, but custom sizes of all surfaces are available on request.

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