Video Road Test: EBR 1190RX - return of the Great American Sportsbike


August 1, 2014

We put Erik Buell's latest American sportsbike through its paces in our latest video motorcycle road test (Photo: Noel McKeegan/

We put Erik Buell's latest American sportsbike through its paces in our latest video motorcycle road test (Photo: Noel McKeegan/

After yesterday's relatively sober and serious look at Erik Buell's next Great American Sportsbike, it's time to have a little fun. Here's our video review of the EBR 1190RX.

For the full written review and some pretty sweet photos (if I do say so myself), check out our written EBR 1190RX review.

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"Trouser-foamingly" ? Really? "Grooming your undercarriage with a belt sander" (or "blade" for that matter)? What's your mind been on, Loz?

Loved the review, tho! If you can keep your head about you enough to conduct an on-camera evaluation while carving along the twisties, or cutting thru downtown trafffic - you're way ahead of me! ☺

So, for us Yanks, what's the MPG again?

The mpg can be found in the text story here: - Ed. MzunguMkubwa

Loz you are a funny guy. Loved the video and commentary. Keep them coming.

The clutch is for Popeye for sure. I'm a Buell Ulysses owner and love it's under-engine muffler because you never get burned on it and it keeps that weight where it should be. Maybe the AX that we are promised will be even better and of course we shall need a Loz video review of that bike also.


Nice review. Entertaining and reasonably informative, though I think you need a new joke writer.... No mention of price, and I think you will find the reason for the tall gearing is so it will pass ADRs

Martin Hone

@MzunguMkubwa and Martin

MPG was listed in the review as 84 to 52 mpg freeway. Price is $18,995 (same as a Ducati 1199). The streetfighter version (1190SX) is $16,995 and its pretty much identical aside from higher handlebars and lack of plastics.

I think the review was more interesting than the bike. It's cool that they can build a bike of that caliber in the US and all but at the end of the day $19,00 street legal superbikes are probably a pretty niche product segment. It would take a lot of convincing to decide I need more than a $15,500 BMW 1000rr has to offer for public roads.

It's not even just a matter of price but I think most people are looking for something a bit easier to tame which is part of what makes 600's so popular. Their success isn't just due to being cheap. The inability to get out of 1st or 2nd gear would drive me nuts.


One of the best reviews I have seen on bikes. Both the good and bad, and even with a bit of humour chucked in.

Antony Borlase
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