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Victorinox releases Swiss Army Bike Tool


April 10, 2013

The Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool

The Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool

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Long before the Leatherman ever existed, the Swiss Army Knife became one of the first commercially-produced multi-tools. Now, no doubt aware of the increasing popularity of cycling-specific multi-tools, Victorinox has introduced its Swiss Army Bike Tool.

The sub-3.5-ounce (99-gram) tool consists of five main components: an impact-proof plastic case, an IKEA-like L-wrench, a set of plastic tire levers, a selection of eight commonly-used bits, and a stainless steel adapter for mounting those bits onto the end of the L-wrench.

Everything snaps together into one rounded-edged package when not in use.

The Swiss Army Bike Tool is priced at US$48.

Source: Victorinox

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Nice form and looks good fit together. A lot more parts to loose than just the tweezers and toothpick though.


Pb-Swiss Tools has been making this for a long time. It's my favorite biketool. http://www.shop.pbtools.us/BikeTool-Red-470Red.htm

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