Victorinox Slim Flash bladeless Swiss Army tool is now available


July 19, 2011

Victorinox has released its Slim Flash and Slim Duo rugged, detachable USB flash drive

Victorinox has released its Slim Flash and Slim Duo rugged, detachable USB flash drive

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A quality Swiss Army multi-tool with a knife used to be in every boy's wishlist in the past, but with the modern day road warrior's kit now taking a decidedly digital bent Victorinox Swiss Army is now offering tools that don't feature any kind of blade at all. Some tools offer just a USB flash drive instead. Victorinox has recently announced the availability of Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo USB Flash devices in a variety of color and storage capacity options. Having no blades results in being totally flight-friendly.

First unveiled at CES 2011, the newest Victorinox bladeless arrivals are aimed at business travelers and are TSA-approved for carrying on flights. Bot the Victorinox Slim Flash and Slim Duo lines feature multiple layers of AES 256 data encryption technology and password data protection, as well as a durable aluminum alloy housing that is waterproof and shock-resistant.

The Vicrorinox tool is also equipped with software that allows for an automatic back-up function, a capability to remain anonymous while surfing the internet, synchronization of documents, folders and Office Outlook/Outlook Express files and a password manager. The pendrive's writing speed is at 29MB per second and reading speed is at 23MB per second.

The rugged Victorinox Slim Flash and Duo come in five colors (silver, blue, green, pink, orange) and in a number of capacities starting from 4GB, up to 128GB (2x 64GB in the Victorinox Slim Duo option). The Duo version is equipped with a pair of detachable flash drives and both tools feature a key ring. The prices range from US$39.99 for the 4GB Slim, up to US$349.99 for the 128GB Slim Duo.

Product page: Victorinox Slim Flash


I hope the rest of the DOK manufacturers pick up on this exciting technology and stop including blades with their DOKs too. Incredible to know that actually NOT including a blade with the DOK makes the whole thing slimmer. Shocking. What a step forward.

Chi Sup
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