What a shock! Victor builds a better mouse trap


March 31, 2010

No escape ... the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap humanely zaps rodents dead in less than three seconds

No escape ... the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap humanely zaps rodents dead in less than three seconds

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There are two types of mice in the world. Firstly, there’s the Mickey, Speedy Gonzales, Stuart Little and Despereaux type of mouse, which are mostly harmless and a bit of fun. Then there’s the filthy rodent type that causes much damage and spreads disease. Pest control specialist Victor is hoping the saying “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” rings true as it releases its "Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap", a device that zaps mice dead in less than three seconds and reloads almost instantly to execute the next victim.

Victor says its rodent-killing device has 100 percent efficacy and is the most advanced rodent control system available in the market. And it’s safer than using poisonous baits which may be harmful to children or pets, as can be standard spring-loaded mouse traps.

To catch the pests, bait the trap with peanut butter or bacon bits and the mice will walk to their doom through one of two entry points, up the lab-tested staircase and into the Shock N’ Drop Chamber. To reach the bait, the rodent must make its way along three electrically-charged patented plates which kill the mouse humanely in less than three seconds. Victor says there are no escapes, ever.

After electrocution, the Shock N’ Drop Chamber automatically rotates and deposits the dead mouse in the collection drawer, keeping it hidden from sight (holds up to ten mice before needing to be emptied). The Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap automatically resets to capture the next mouse. The collection drawer holds up to 10 mice before it has to be emptied.

Fully automated, Victor says the trap has the ability to eliminate your rodent problem in just one night.

A built-in safety switch automatically deactivates the trap when the door is open and the unique tunnel design means the trap is safe around children and pets (unless you have pet mouse).

The traps requires four C-size batteries (included) which will eliminate up to 150 mice. The Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap sells for US$99.99. The Victor promo video is below.

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so how does it discern when its a mouse or a squirrel?

David Anderton

Mmmm PETA would love it... So much energy and creativity wasted on killing a mouse; the poor little things... for $7 you can buy one better, cheaper and more human.

Abad Enríquez

There is actually a better mousetrap, which has been around for some time. Depending on how you operate it, it costs between nothing and what you are prepared to spend on it.

Its called a domestic cat. The farm I lived next to during my youth had a bunch of cats living off of the mice in the haystack and the care for my cats adds up over the years.

The drawback is that cats do not kill mice humanely, that you will find dead mice in odd places and if you do not let your cat go out you will need to keep and clean a litterbox. Unless you toilet-train your cat (no joke, look it up by googling).

The plus point is that cats are great fun to have around.


I wonder if they took into consideration the odor factor. Surely an electrocuted mouse is going to give off odors that mice could smell long before humans. Then again, perhaps they are not as wary as other wild animals can be. Pretty neat and tricky but I think a tad bit too expensive.

Will, the tink

...mice, their time on earth is limited...


would it kill freakin rats also? rats are bigger than mice. i.e. way bigger.


Contrary to popular belief rats and mice do not commonly spread disease.

Bjarne Johnson

Ha, a kid inventors show in NZ had this mouse trap with plates as well! Except it was a tube and the \"bait\" was a female rat! All the boys were keen to get their wiggle on and got wasted.

Craig Jennings

I designed a better one. You put the cheese in place and when the mouse steps on the trigger, a 300 lb anvil falls on the mouse and squashes it flat in 1/10th of a second!!

It looks ok, except their description is tasteless. It sounds like the \"electric chair\" for the mouse, which it is.... but not very good advertising. It\'s probably more humane than other methods, yet they make it sound less human....


\"would it kill freakin rats also? rats are bigger than mice. i.e. way bigger.\"

For this you need the Victor 2000, KillaMouse Plus Series...


I made a 2000V zapper circuit - being a Crofton Walton voltage multiplier, with HUGE HUGE HUGE 600V capacitors.

The high voltage starts the electorcution \"circuit\" through the critter, the capacitors dump their stored power at 2000V, and then the 240V mains takes over to incinerate the critter through the carbonised pathway.

Only I have to put it in a safe housing with safe recessed terminals and a discharge circuit.

It\'s too dangerous to have exposed bits lying around.

But yeah... This sits on the top of the stove... the mice \"get it\" and the cat waits on the floor....

Mr Stiffy
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