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Verbatim launches Clip-It USB drive


September 25, 2010

Clip-It comes in various bright colors

Clip-It comes in various bright colors

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Just when you thought that there was no way a Flash drive could be made even more useful, Verbatim turns one into a paperclip. Its new Store 'n' Go Clip-It USB Drive will be available in 2GB and 4GB storage capacities, providing a clever way to send digital multimedia files together with printed documents.

For many businesses, the move towards a paperless office is a slow and difficult one. No matter how many forms and documents are moved online or sent out in digital format, there's a very good chance that a large slice of the communication pie still involves the movement of pieces of paper from A to B, and quite possibly back again. Bridging the gap between the world of paper and a new digital era is the Clip-It USB Drive from Verbatim.

Designed by Arman Emami to reflect the fact that digital storage has become such a readily available part of modern life, the Store 'n' Go Clip-It USB Drive merges the practicality of a paperclip and the usefulness of the Flash drive into one device. Verbatim Europe's Business Development Manager Hans-Christoph Kaiser says that the Clip-It drive "weighs literally nothing, so it will not cause extra postal charges."

Given that USB drives are easy to lose, it's a neat way to keep multimedia and printed documents together and saves packaging up CDs or DVDs.

Clip-It has already picked up the Red Dot "Best of the best" Award 2010 and will be available in a rainbow of vibrant colors shortly. The 2GB version is priced at EUR7.99 (US$10.71) and the 4GB will cost EUR9.99 (US$13.40).

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