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The VeloMini folding electric bike


August 4, 2010

The VeloMini folding electric bike

The VeloMini folding electric bike

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Electric bicycle designers are continually coming up with new ways to fold the humble bicycle to make it easier to carry when not being ridden. The latest to catch our eye is the VeloMini, a light-weight folding electric bike featuring a 180 watt brushless hub motor that will transport a person from eight to ten miles at speeds of up to 12 mph (19 km/h). When it’s not being used it folds down to a compact form 18-inches tall that fits into a carrying case roughly the same size as a guitar case.

VeloMini is powered by a 24v, 6AH lithium-ion battery that can be charged up in under three hours and is hidden away inside the bike’s anodized aluminum frame. It gives riders three riding modes selectable via a control on the handlebars: standard pedal power; using the throttle like a moped; or using pedal assist mode to amplify the pedaling of the rider.

The bike itself weighs 31lbs (14kg) and can carry riders weighing up to 210lbs (95kg). It comes with a toolkit that is used to fold up the bike, which the company says takes just a few seconds. While it doesn’t fold up to a size smaller than the A-Bike, or faster than the 2-second folding bicycle, it’s definitely manageable enough for commuters who combine public transport with a bike ride on their travels. The bike’s included case also converts to a backpack when not carrying the bike.

The VeloMini is available for US$995 with case, strap, toolkit and charger. A non-electric version called the VeloMini Lite that does away with the battery and motor is also available priced at $499 with case, strap and toolkit.

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I\'m not so convinced about the practicality of this thing, but if they keep using this girl for all their marketing, I may just end up buying one!


@kufu I agree, the girl makes the bike. I am in the process of completing a 5 video series, all done with cute girls and hunks. Consumers don\'t care about reality much anymore. This skinny girl would not look that cool would she have to actually lift a 50 lbs electric bike.

The lightest useful, quality electric folding bikes are just under 50lbs.

Bert, electric bke guru http://www.nycewheels.com

Bert Cebular

Me too!!!

Daniel Lafontaine

Posing for a photo with a 31 lb. bike slung over your shoulder is one thing. Carrying that sucker through the subway, up a flight of steps or down a hallway is another.

Unless a folder can roll when folded, if it weighs over 28 lbs, it\'s just too heavy for most people to carry. While the Velo Mini is light for a folding electric bike, since there appears to be no means of rolling it folded, the weight will limit the number of potential riders that find this bike practical.

Regards, Larry Lagarde

Lawrence Lagarde

I bought a VeloMini in July, and I\'m very happy with its quality, performance, and appearance. It definitely turns heads, and I get asked about it all-the-time!

I tried riding it up some very steep hills in Providence, RI, and it worked like a champ. I had to work with it to make the grade, but it did work. I was thoroughly impressed.

Final testimonial...I\'m glad I did. just google \"velomini\" for the dealers and main website.

Gary Ares

electric folding bikes are great. I used to own a e-cycle folding bike and used it to go to downtown. but the lead acid battery was a bit heavy. now i would recommend going with a lithium ion electric bike. the best deal on electric folding bike is www.greenbikeeffect.com that\'s doing a huge sale on their basic electric folding bike called the Nismo. $499 for folding electric bike with lithium ion batteries and free shipping.

Scott Yu

Again with almost all electric bikes. China has had this one for a while at a fraction of the price. Think I saw it for about 300usd in Shanghai.

Are O'Bee

I would definitely buy this bike if it came we a free lesson from the model. She is delightful. Is she Asian? Probably a gorgeous mixture of East and West.


One thing that I noticed with all \"commuter bikes\" is that the rider only carries the bike onto the bus/metro etc. What about those like me who already carry the kitchen sink with us to work every day? I\'m sure buses will start limiting \"hand baggage\" when these get more popular...


there should not be a problem riding the velomini in and out the subwaystation, that has disabled access. that reminds me the velomini is not fit for disabled, the caterpillar three wheel type if foldable would be better, the emcycle seems great to me, as long as it does not fall over in the curve.


I bought this bike at 40% cheaper. I doubt whether a girl like in the photo can carry this Velomini around . it is really heavy !! When it folded, it is still consider big and you ask a girl to carry around the subwaystation.... NO WAY After folded, you have to put inside the bag to carry it. ( you think of why ). During the rush hour, you still have time to fold it, put in the bag, zip it, carry to the subwaystation, unzip it, take out from the bag, unfold it, ride on it............ I am late to office. HELLO.

Ennovate Gadgets

Looks like this one bit the dust:

"Sorry, this site is NOT currently available"

back to the drawing board, folks!


Not quite correct, the site's up and running now, but I agree with the need to go back to the drawing board. Fold up and assemble times need to come under the stop-watch, bags need wide straps at this weight and are far too slow. It reminds me of the first 'portable' computers clocking in also at around 12kgs....


it does look very heavy


Larry English
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