Feature-packed VEA Sportive training watch tells time, amongst other things


July 6, 2011

VEA's Sportive training watch features a 1.5-inch touchscreen

VEA's Sportive training watch features a 1.5-inch touchscreen

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Since their invention, watches have been gaining more and more functions. The time of day has been joined by such things as the day, date, month, year, alarms, stopwatches, moonphase, calculator, and even mobile phone capabilities. The latest feature-packed device wrapped up in a wrist-friendly form factor comes from France-based company VEA, which is set to introduce its Sportive training watch that includes such features as a pulse rate monitor, MP3 player and basic mobile phone - oh, and it also tells the time.

Alongside the now stock standard stopwatch, alarm and timekeeping capabilities, the Sportive also boasts a 1.5-inch touchscreen, camera, Bluetooth connectivity, 8GB of storage, and an SOS button that combines with a tracker feature to send out your location if you find yourself in a spot of bother while getting a workout in the great outdoors.

VEA is due to start shipping the Sportive later this month for 399 euro (approx. US$577), with the price set to jump to 499 euro (approx. US$722) in September.

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So, fugly design, big and bulky, more expensive than anything out there (more than an iPad!)... yeah I see the point.

Chi Sup

What a great day for those that are into their fitness, sports, or those that get to drunk and don\'t want to loose their flashy smartphones ... then again you could always put a bespoke strap on it ... eventhou you would loose many friends, and look like a right idiot!

... saying that ... talking into the watch in a room full of people, might be just as bad. Hey, what the heck ... I think its cool!

Harpal Sahota

What, no turn by turn GPS? That would be a real dealbreaker at that price.

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