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Varibike gears up for road racing


September 1, 2013

Varibike aims to raise the road racing credentials of its arm- and leg-powered bike

Varibike aims to raise the road racing credentials of its arm- and leg-powered bike

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Speaking to Gizmag at Eurobike 2013, Varibike managing director Martin Kraiss has revealed a couple of tweaks to the arm- and leg-propelled bicycle that are aimed at raising its road touring credentials.

The first change is the addition of new road racing tires fitted on aerodynamic rims. The second change takes the Varibike from a 10-speed to an 11-speed, with Kraiss saying the low maintenance gears boast a 410 percent gear ratio. This is in comparison to the 320 percent gear ratio seen in the standard 10-speed model.

The new wheels and gears will add an extra €350 (US$460) to the €4,499 (US$5,945) price of a standard FR3 Varibike (which will still be available). Although it isn’t yet on the Varibike website, Kraiss says the fast touring Varibike is available now in black or white.

Source: Varibike

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ok let's see it win something would it even be legal in sanctioned events? wle

Larry English

I've built an arm-assist bicycle (as well as several "pure" hand-cycles and recumbents) and can attest that no race with a duration exceeding 30 seconds will ever be won against a conventional bike. The benefit comes at too great a penalty against aerobic endurance.


race it and see wle


has it won anything yet:?

Larry English
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