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USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit charges two iPads in half the time


November 3, 2011

The USB Twin Tablet Charging Hub can charge two iPads at once

The USB Twin Tablet Charging Hub can charge two iPads at once

Mobile accessories manufacturer Qmadix has come up with an in vehicle charger perfect for families with more than one mobile device that needs to be charged up. Delivering 2.1 amps to each of its two ports, the USB Twin Tablet Charging Hub is also able to simultaneously charge two iPads at the fastest rate.

Cementing the charger's iDevice-friendly credentials is the inclusion of a 30-pin connector cable for recharging iPods, iPhones and iPads. To ensure it survives the heat of a car interior on a summer's day, the device is made from heat-resistant, rugged polycarbonate and its circuitry has been designed to prevent overheating.

Qmadix is selling the USB Twin Tablet Charging Kit for US$39.99.

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Assuming that each device came with its own charger, all you need is an inverter. Granted it will probably cost more but it will grant a great deal more flexibility.


Now they need to make one for me for my android transformer

Paul Higginbotham Sr.

Paul Higginbotham Sr, it has usb outlets so it should charge any device that uses usb.

Denis Klanac

You have to plug a cord into it to charge it? how quaint

Bill Bennett
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