UroClub lets golfers pee at the tee


February 14, 2010

Several versions of inventor Floyd Seskin, one of them wishing he'd brought his Uroclub instead of a regular club

Several versions of inventor Floyd Seskin, one of them wishing he'd brought his Uroclub instead of a regular club

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How many times has this happened to you? You’re out on the back nine, enjoying a round of golf, when suddenly you realize that you’ve gotta go Number 1! What are you going to do, stop everything and trek back to the clubhouse? Go in the trees, like some kind of uncultured barbarian? Not if Floyd Seskin has anything to say about it. The Florida urologist would prefer you take his invention, the UroClub golf club, and pee into it.

Seskin was inspired to create the device after hearing from male patients who golfed, but who also suffered from urinary frequency. The UroClub has a triple-sealed screw-top hollow grip, that can hold over half a liter of liquid - twice the volume of what is commonly urinated, apparently. It comes with a privacy shield, which is a little towel-like piece of fabric that hangs down in front of your pants. The idea is that when the need hits you, you just open up your UroClub, snug it up under the privacy shield, fumble around under there a bit, then just stand there and look like you’re giving a lot of thought to your next swing. I have to admit, when I first saw this thing, I thought the shaft was also hollow and the “liquid” was supposed to come out of the bottom and onto the grass. The reservoir grip is probably a better idea.

The UroClub costs US$24.95, and is available through its website. And no, you’re not expected to actually use it for playing golf - although should you lose your 7 Iron, that’s what it’s modeled after.

But what about the ladies, you may ask? Good question, someone should invent a device for them, too. Let's hear your ideas - But watch the UroClub TV commercial below, first. You're welcome.

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...or why not just go ahead and take your next swing at the same time. LOL :)

David Fromant

Doesn\'t look like it\'s big enough for mine ;-)

Chris Hogan

How about this for a brand name: \"European\". I couldn\'t resist taking the p***. There is of course a device known as an incontinence bag, which is strapped to your leg, and which enables you to do what you have to, but completely discreetly. I believe there are Baseball bats that have liquid in them, which is supposed to give you a better strike. The pee in the shaft of this golf club would add a bit of extra weight. Would this be cheating? How about a release valve at the lower end, so you could void the contents as you stroll along?


There is a product that would make this viable for the ladies. I belive it was created by a woman here in Minnesota, the GoGirl. The website is


This piece of junk was featured on that show Shark Tank not that long ago, where one of the investors bought almost the entire company for money he probably found in his couch. Obviously the new owner has pulled some strings to get featured here. Is this what gizmag has been reduced to? Shilling for product placements?


Reduced to? That\'s their gig. The \'articles\' read like copy from the company, rewritten as a blog post. They hit all the positive bullet points with nary a criticism or discussion of even the most obvious flaws. Then there\'s the ads, and the pop up ads are the worst! That said, they do find cool stuff and I appreciate the site for what it is. Just take their shameless endorsements with a grain of salt, and enable AdBlock Plus, and carry on.


Hey women can do that too! They don\'t need gadgets or devices though..just the proper conditioning! Women have been told they can\'t go Number 1 standing up but they can, and without any gross funnels!

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