Urban Transport

Russian Hyperloop could become a 21st-century Silk Road

Traveling along the ancient routes of the Silk Road could take months, with danger and disaster never too far from hand. One day, a new Silk Road might exist between China and Europe – and it should be a lot more secure and only take a day to move goods between the two regions. That's at least one of the idealized goals of a new partnership announced between Hyperloop One and Russian company The Summa Group today.Read More

Sideways elevators could ease London commutes

Sometimes solving a problem takes a bit of lateral thinking – and maybe a bit of lateral movement. A recent debate panel in London made up of government and industry representatives discussed the problems that the city's Underground system faced from growing passenger demand and how "Willy Wonka" elevators that move sideways as well as up and down could take some of the pressure off.Read More

Conquer hills sitting or standing on the Eon Scooter

Foldable electric scooters seem to be proliferating like rabbits lately, but while most are great on the flat, they lack the torque to tackle significant hills. The team behind the Eon Scooter claims to have solved that problem by equipping their scooter with an electric motor powerful enough to carry a 250-lb (113-kg) rider up a 30-degree incline with no problem.Read More

Segway's mini transporter rolls for 14 miles on a single charge

When Inventist revealed the Hovertrax a few years back, we noted that it was more Segway-like than anything Marty McFly would be seen zooming around future Hill Valley on. These so-called hoverboards have since taken off (though not literally), and Segway is throwing its hat in the ring with the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO. Knee control bar aside, it's a hands-free, two-wheeler with lean-to-go and -steer functionality.Read More

Silver machine rolls down the track to new efficiency record

Students from Dalarna University, Sweden, have won a competition for creating efficient rail-based transport, claiming a world record in the process. Team Eximus 1 was competing in Delsbo Electric, where teams must design and build a battery-operated railway vehicle that uses as little energy as possible.Read More

Scissor-framed electric scooter snaps closed in a flash

A sit-atop electric scooter with traveling compactness comparable to a stand-up folder, Coswheel's A-One looks like an intriguing last-mile solution for those that want to cut down on big, heavy lugging. Its scissor frame folds into an easy-carry/trolley package in seconds, helping you get around the city with ease.Read More

Modern e-bike looks like a blast – from the past

Back in the 70s, many a young lad owned a motorized minibike – and for all those who did, there were probably about 10 others who wished they did. Well, now they've got their chance to buy a more practical version of one. California-based Lithium Cycles' Super 73 is a 1,000-watt e-bike, designed to evoke the days of bell-bottom jeans and Charlie's Angels.Read More

Electric scooter channels the spirit of the penny farthing

In some ways, it makes sense to put small wheels on electric scooters – they accelerate quickly, and allow the vehicle to remain on the small-and-portable side. On the other hand, they can also easily get stuck in potholes, causing the rider to fly over the handlebars. A group of Montreal-based entrepreneurs have created what they see as a good compromise, in the form of the SnikkyBike.Read More

Russia eyes Hyperloop-like system of its own

We might be yet to see a fully-formed Hyperloop in action, but that doesn't mean some international officials aren't already inspired by Elon Musk's futuristic transport system. According to local news reports, Russia is contemplating a Hyperloop-like project to connect the country from north to south, and east to west. Read More


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