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UNIX time set to hit 1234567890


February 2, 2009



February 3, 2009 While some of you might remember the Chinese Olympic Games kicking off at 08:08:08pm on 08/08/08, here's one for the developers (or just plain geeky) in our audience. At 11:31:30pm UTC on Friday, February the 13th, "UNIX time", that is, the number of seconds since midnight UTC on January 1, 1970, will reach 1234567890.

So ready your USB missile launchers and raise a glass of Jolt Cola as a toast to the people who keep our increasingly connected lives ticking like...clockwork.

Thanks to our developer Kate for bringing this trivial tidbit to our attention.

Image via University of West Georgia

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Saturday February the 13th. 2009. You're sure that are you? Not Friday...

Craig Morey

Thanks Craig, guess I should've eaten dinner before hitting publish on that one :)

Tim Hanlon

You can see the countdown live on http://www.coolepochcountdown.com

Facebook User

A similar event occured in March of 2005 when Unix time passed the 1,111,111,111 mark. I blogged about it as well as this next occurence here:


Randie Szczesniak-Krause
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