Unimog 4WD Cabrio truck concept celebrates 60 years of Mercedes ownership


June 7, 2011

The Unimog 4WD Cabrio truck concept

The Unimog 4WD Cabrio truck concept

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It may look like one of the most outrageous automotive concepts seen in many a year, but the Unimog 4WD Cabrio Truck concept created to celebrate 60 years of Mercedes Benz Unimog production actually has some basis in history - the very first Mercedes Unimog which rolled off the production line back on June 3, 1951 was also a cabrio, and it was also green, as has been almost every other Unimog in the intervening years. Based on the current Unimog U 5000 with its exceptional off-road capabilities, the Unimog Cabrio is apparently designed to bridge current and future Unimog design.

The concept is the work of the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks Unit which produces the Unimog, Econic and Zetros truck ranges, and the design was presented at a ceremony celebrating 60 years of Mercedes-Benz Unimog production on June 3 at the Daimler plant in Wörth where Unimogs are made.

While not exactly a prototype for a future product range, the Cabrio's press blurb claims "some of its details will turn up in coming product ranges."

"We have taken the Unimog-DNA with its unique concept features to 100 percent into consideration when creating this design concept," said Bertrand Janssen from the Daimler department for commercial vehicle design. "Furthermore, this design concept gives the observer sufficient room for thought to interpret its technical innovations."


I\'ll state the obvious.....

Could it be any uglier?

Did they use a 6 year old for their stylist?

Ok - I\'m done. Next.


Perfect for Race Point.

David Adams

Very cool looking! Nice design. Love the curves.


Rainman, your name is appropriate ;) Bill

Bill Bennett

Come on people, it\'s hideous...

It\'s a bad mix of bulbous and edgy in all the wrong ways - no motivation or function for most of those shapes. The designer just looked at every cool concept at last year\'s show and stole some design element off each of them and mashed them all together here. Yeesh!

...maybe he is hoping it will be used in the next Transformers movie.

Tony Morrill

I think it\'s gorgeous.

Daniel Lafontaine

It looks like something out of Halo

William Tewelow

It\'s like the coolest looking tractor of all time.

It\'s for ritch Chav-farmers

Michael Simpson

It looks like it was inspired by a babboon. It makes the regular Unimog look beautiful by comparison; IMO.

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