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UNDERABOVE dual lens camera concept snaps the best of both worlds


December 5, 2010

The UNDERABOVE dual-lens camera concept bobs on the waterline to capture above and below water images

The UNDERABOVE dual-lens camera concept bobs on the waterline to capture above and below water images

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Waterproof cameras or underwater housings are great for capturing action above or below the waterline, but what if you want to capture both at the same time to provide a greater context for your underwater shots? That’s where the UNDERABOVE concept comes in. It’s a dual-lens buoy-style camera that bobs on the surface of the water positioning one wide-angle lens above the waterline and one lens below to let aquatic shutterbugs capture the best of both worlds.

The UNDERABOVE features a symmetrical body made of polypropylene, with the top half filled with air and the bottom half filled with water so it straddles the waterline. There’s also an LCD display located halfway up the device’s central sphere that provides a view of both the underwater and above water camera views and which can also be used for viewing previously taken shots. There’s also two flashes, one for each lens, and a timer for taking self-portraits.

The UNDERABOVE from Han In Kyung took out a 2010 red dot design concept award and looks like it would be the perfect addition to a pool party or for some truly unique beach holiday snaps.

Via Yanko Design

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