Ultra Motor dumps pedals for new A2B Excel electric scooter


October 16, 2009

The Ultra Motor A2B Excel - electric scooter with 28mph top speed

The Ultra Motor A2B Excel - electric scooter with 28mph top speed

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Ultra Motor, known for its A2B electric assist bicycles has thrown out the pedals and replaced them with footrest platforms in its latest offering - the A2B Excel electric scooter. Weighing in at 90lb (41kg), the Excel uses an 800W hub motor at the rear wheel to achieve a range of around 28 miles (45km) and a top speed of 28mph (45kmh).

Ultra Motor's first foray into the scooter market uses the company's dual battery “Intelligent Dual Energy Power”(iDEP) Technology to achieve its 28 mile range. The system consists of a portable power pack under the back carrier which can be used to recharge the internal battery which is hidden in the frame.

The Excel has 20-inch tires, front and rear disc brakes, rear suspension, a head light, turn signals and a tail light and a circular display mounted on the headstem which shows speed, trip distance and state of charge. Given there are no pedals, the Excel will probably be treated by authorities as a motor bike, meaning it will need to be registered and have number plates, and riders may need to be licensed.

The company has also added a new pedal-assist model to its range. The A2B Hybrid 24 joins the power-on-demand Metro and the Hybrid 26. The difference is that the Hybrid models apply power in concert with the rider pushing the pedals, while the Metro has a throttle on the handlebars that allows power to be applied at any time, even when you are not pedaling.

The Hybrid 24 provides a smaller size option that Ultra Motor believes will enable a broader range of riders to use the bike. It features a portable Li-ion battery and 250W direct drive motor capable of a power-assisted top speed of 15.5mph and range of 50 miles. It also has on-board system diagnostics for easy maintenance.

So why choose the pedal-less Excel over the Metro, which allows you to revert to human power to cover the last mile if you run out of juice? More power and greater speed (to the tune of 8mph) is the obvious answer, and Ultra Motor are clearly looking to broaden their appeal to those who like the idea of a clean, cheap to run commuting option but simply don't want to pedal.

Costing £2,999 (approx. US$4,845), the Ultra Motor A2B Excel will be available in white, black, red, blue and brushed aluminum, while the Hybrid 24 at £1,799 (US$2,900) will come in white, black, cream, red, blue and champagne. Both new models will be available to the UK public in spring 2010.


Why do manufacturers always try to foist illegal items on us? As someone who once owned a Voloci, I can tell you that in order to register scooters (whether gas or electric) in some states, you are required to have insurance. And good luck finding a company willing to sell you insurance for something sold by a manufacturer without an established history, VIN numbers, etc. Luckily, the police didn't much care as long that I didn't have a license plate as I didn't break traffic laws, but it would help if it wasn't illegal to begin with.


If I wanted a Licensed,Insured,slightly faster form of 2 wheel transport,I'd buy a motorbike or scooter.My Ebike can give me pedal free riding on the level or inclines,(Reducing its range,admittedly!) but I bought it to increase My range over a pushbike while still giving me some exercise on my commute..And at 1/3 to 1/5 of the cost of these soon to be released machines,I've been happy with mine this past few years..

Gerard Gallagher

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