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UCO LumoraPod combines flashlight, lantern, worklight and tripod


January 27, 2013

The light is easy to reposition with the Ultrapod

The light is easy to reposition with the Ultrapod

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The new UCO LumoraPod Utility Light transforms to meet a multitude of tasks. With a few simple adjustments, it becomes a flashlight, lantern, lamp, work light and more. It can serve as a one-light-fits-all around the house, at the work site and in the great outdoors.

The UCO LumoraPod Utility Light was born as a merger between two distinct products. The original LumoraPod got a little help from the Ultrapod camera tripod from sister company Pedco.

The light itself has a frosted globe that slides up or down to create lantern and flashlight modes. The R3 XP-G CREE LED bulb shines up to 180 lumens and an "infinite dimmer" switch allows the output to be adjusted to exactly where you need it. It gets up to 190 hours (low) and eight hours (high) with four AA batteries and casts a beam up to 250 feet (75 m).

The LumoraPod can stand on its own with its extendable feet or be screwed into the included Ultrapod for more flexibility. The Ultrapod can stand on its three legs or secure horizontally, vertically or diagonally with the included Powerstrap. The ball and socket mount allows the light to swivel around to point in the direction needed. You can stand the lantern on a table, hang it from a tree, secure it over your workstation, stand it under your car, and otherwise configure it to meet your lighting needs. With the dual flashlight-lantern function it provides direct or ambient light in whatever configuration you choose. Of course, the Ultrapod can also serve as a traditional camera tripod.

UCO also recently introduced the Arka LED Lantern. The lantern is nearly identical to the Utility Light in form and size but includes a built-in USB charger for recharging cell phones and other portable electronics. It's powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and packs enough juice for about seven hours of lighting on high or 100 hours on low. Instead of a dimming switch, the Arka's RX4 XP-E CREE LED bulb can be set to five different brightness modes up to 180 lumens. The lantern also has red LEDs that can be set to tactical night vision, strobe and S.O.S modes. Like the LumoraPod, it can be configured as both flashlight and lantern with a quick slide of the globe.

Both the LumoraPod Utility Light (US$40) and Arka LED Lantern ($70) are planned for a market launch by May.

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