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U-Boat Worx makes its mini-submersibles available for private charter


October 10, 2011

The U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 2 is now available for private charters

The U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 2 is now available for private charters

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U-Boat Worx has introduced a worldwide private charter program for its range of deep-diving mini-submersibles.

Staff from The Netherlands-based company will confer with clients, to determine which of the submersibles will best meet their needs. That watercraft can then be transported to a destination of the client's choice, with U-Boat Worx supplying the crew, support/technical equipment, and transport to and from the launch site. For underwater sight-seers, they can also recommend an itinerary for the cruise.

Although there are plans to add other craft to the charter fleet, there will at first be two models available - the C-Quester 3 and the C-Explorer 2. Seating three and two people respectively (including pilot), the mini-submersibles both feature 360-degree transparent acrylic pressure hulls, air conditioning, and a maximum operating depth of 100 meters (328 feet).

Joining the fleet once it's completed late this year will be the five-passenger C-Explorer 5, which will reportedly be able to descend to 300 meters (984 feet). All three subs are said to have an operational time of up to eight hours.

The charter price of €75,000 for one month (all-inclusive with crew, insurance, parts, etc.) is not going to be an option for most of us, but it does at open up the possibilities for some individuals, and particularly for companies and research institutes.

U-Boat Worx is also currently providing guided dives to tourists in a C-Quester 3, based out of Aruba.

The video below (part-way through) shows one such sub cavorting in the briny deep.

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