The two-lidded stainless steel Clean Bottle Square is designed for easy cleaning


August 8, 2012

The Clean Bottle Square makes cleaning easy with a lid on the bottom

The Clean Bottle Square makes cleaning easy with a lid on the bottom

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The Clean Bottle, a two-lidded bottle designed for easy cleaning, is getting an upgrade in the form of the Clean Bottle Square. It adds a rigid, stainless steel option to Clean Bottle's line.

We've been aware of the Clean Bottle for several years. Inspired by a bicycle bottle gone bad from neglected cleaning, Clean Bottle designers went through 50-some prototypes to build a bottle that makes cleaning – even in the deepest, darkest nooks – a little easier. The solution was quite simple: an extra lid. With one screw-on lid on the bottom and one on the top, you can break the bottle apart and clean every inch of the inside. The bottom includes a thick silicone washer that creates a tight, leak-proof seal.

Clean Bottle has long offered a squeezy bicycle-style bottle, but over the past few years, it's been working on a new design with a Red Dot-winning industrial designer and team of former Apple engineers. That design is the Square. The Square is made from food-grade stainless steel and benefits from the same dual-lid system as the traditional Clean Bottle. The top and bottom open with a twist and lock up when closed, providing a leak-proof seal.

The Square basically provides a Clean Bottle option to those that don't really like soft, squishy bottles. It has a carry handle on top for easy transport. Its diamond shape prevents it from rolling away if dropped, which is a possibility with cylindrical bottles. Clean Bottle claims the "Fresh Taste Lip" prevents any metallic taste.

The Clean Bottle Square is available for pre-order now for a retail price of US$39.95, and the company is offering a deal on the traditional Clean Bottle as a pre-order special. Clean Bottle donates 10 percent of its profits to eco-friendly charities, which website visitors can vote for. Shipping will begin in September.

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I like that it is square, won't roll, stackable, I like the simple top, I like the removable bottom. I could see man usages beyond beverages. What I don't like is its $40 and seems kida small. I bough 3 stainless water bottles from costco for $9. I love to support new ideas but at 10x the price its not a good option. Also Its slightly unproven who knows how durable it will be. Could start to leak after a month, might not survive a fall.

Michael Mantion

Why not a square tube with identical lids at each end?


Nice idea but that smaller bottom opening with the seal looks to be a good trap for gunk. Now if the bottom opening matches the top, so it was straight through, then that would be quick and easier to clean. A regular sealed bottom will be less effort to clean than all those take part parts.


I gotta agree with Michael. $40 for a water bottle? that might leak in months/weeks/days? No way. The original is only $10 - maybe.

Joe F
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